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lv designer handbags Ha ha ha ha……"Smile later on
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TOPIC: lv designer handbags Ha ha ha ha……"Smile later on

lv designer handbags Ha ha ha ha……"Smile later on 11 months, 2 weeks ago #50910

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See to aftertime 500 years just,, Yang Jia can without sorrow,Ha ha ha ha……"Smile later on, grey hair the old again slowly shut last double eye.
Keep in mind Chuai two skills and an achievement method, Yang Jian walks to Wu Ge's first floor,
lv designer handbags.But at this time, every family lord Yang Xiong have already waited for him behind hands' back.
"Choose?"Yang Xiong slowly openings way.
"Choose good, ask father's adult to look over."Yang Jian says to take out three books from the bosom and passed Yang Xiong's in front.
"H'm?"See Yang Jian Shou of 《 soldier Feng gun Jue 》and 《 soldier Feng war shadow 》is unexpectedly original,, Yang Xiong not from eyebrows a wrinkly, the facial expression is tiny to change way, " not is tell you ability not to will originally take out?"
"Report a father, this ……in fact is an elder generation to allow what I take out."Yang Jian wry smile way.He sees naturally come out, Yang Xiong originally and very for take out two skills are disaffection,
Louis Vuitton Fashion Bags.
"Elder generation?Is"gleaming in Yang Xiong Yan is together naked,
louis vuitton handbags on sale, " what is the row?",
"Affair is so ……" Yang Jian doesn't dare to have mental reservation and said the process of the affair in detail 1 time.When the double eye that makes reference to that old seems to control the person's mind, Yang Jian obviously feels that Yang Xiong's body seems fierce Zhan,
louis vuitton purses on sale.
"As for the business of grey hair the old, you don't must mention to anyone again, Wu Ge, you also want to forget today's business.Otherwise rest to blame me feeling of reading the father and son not, discard your double foot, imprison in the mansion forever it!"Finish listenning to Yang Jian finish saying the business of that grey hair the old,, Yang Xiong orotund and deep and low way.
"BE!The child stuck down."Listen to Yang Xiong say so, Yang Jian's mind tiny earthquake, he ten thousand ten thousand don't thought of Yang Xiong will be like this reaction.
"What person is that grey hair the old actually?"Yang Jian sounds out sexual of ask a way.For the identity of that grey hair the old,, Yang Jian started feeling captivation, from not difficult Yang Jian of Yang Xiong's reaction, that grey hair the old isn't likely to be Yang Jia the elder of second term house lord or Yang Xiong, otherwise Yang Xiong isn't likely to forbid his revealing the information of that grey hair the old to go out.
"This matter you don't want to asked again, from now on also prohibit to ask again."Make reference to here, Yang Xiong seem wish not mention more that grey hair the old again.His turning round to walk to Wu Ge is those two stone sides in the door and lightly knocked the two times stone door.Is a burst of to bellow a voice to spread, thousand odd catty two heavy stone doors slowly open,
"Leave."Yang Xiong even the bodies had never turned to come over to then and in a hurry leave Wu Ge.
Slowly come out Wu Ge, turned round a title to hope one eye third floors, Yang Jian's eyebrows was tiny wrinkly, the heart livings a doubt.
"Who is that grey hair the old , claims to be a Wu Ge guardant, but sees from not difficult Yang Xiong's reaction
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