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, Make you come back,"
"Is me, your business-" prosperous made a long story short to say the development of affair 1 time, "we send a person to protect your safety, you tomorrow come to Yang Shi's mansion,, we will arrange you are in my friend's company work."
"H'm, thanks eldest brother elder brother, I in the future definitely be good friends with to recompense you so much."The Lai benefit is graceful to conveniently still deliver to come to a very sweet smiling face.
"I occupy to leave first and another day seek you,, religious festival" prosperous at this time already go toward star of door importation sit a mark,, a white light disappear at bounty hunter labor union doorway, let a player of labor union front door just hurriedly turn round to knock on door"wife, hurriedly come out to have a liking for an emperor!"
Prosperous the foot seeing a head of has many three meterses high cow head person and a must also have two meters of spirit hunter, own shape is compared down right away.
"Prosperous elder brother, you held up in a short while, we rose one class again, 22."Zhang Jian Quan says a hoof son to kick a steppe wolf that is about to bite him of dying.
Prosperous on stretching hand, a Nu bow appears in the center of palm and raise a hand to shoot a steppe wolf of distance dead, "you kill a steppe wolf,
discount new era cap, experience how much?"
"3000" Zhang Jian Quan sees experience column answer way,,
Prosperous finally knew they got stripe quick reason, in the heart not from exclamation way, 'experiment helmet also too crary', tooked a look oneself to just harvest at the same time of 150 experience.
Hope wide readership support head delivers free website WWW.2100 books.The com sees the most quickly latest chapter
Volume 3-heavy go into river's lake lift billow to smile to see myriad living things to do class favour chapter 8 I?The emissary of absolute being?
Prosperous looking at one face strange of cow head person,
cheap hats, loudly say:"Brothers, you two teams is us inside most cow B, ha ha-the excrement luck of your henchman picked up a treasure."
"!"Zhang Jian Quan and Zhang Tian leis hear that his/her own experience acquires is prosperous of 20 times, all stare big eyes,
Lancel Outlet, the mouth piece must be like wash basin, particularly is Zhang Jian Quan's cow head person, original eyes mouth big this bottom good, eyes Zheng must be like a lamp bulb, the mouth presumably throws into two watermelons at the same time who could not touch as well who,
"Walk, we return to village to turn a job to go to, haven't I turned as well,, at the right moment together." Prosperous the monster seeing this is really too frail to stand a gust of wind, experience ah a little bit little, rather turned a job to go to better place to brush strange.
"Ha ha, we are whole
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