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TOPIC: See feather together and finally and now give up for sky

http://discountauthenticguccih​ See feather together and finally and now give up for sky 11 months, 2 weeks ago #28606

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Is an opportunity of end,, so 2 people don't dare to slack off and can't have been already had scruples about again, either.
Although 2 people's activity is still the attention that drew on many bewitching monsters, under the skill that 2 people swift as the wind and lightning, those demon monsters too late contain 2 people and then lost 2 people's trace and shadow.So, search with all strength at 2 people under, the time of different meeting then finishes searching one big slice of city area.Just regrettable of BE, 2 people always can not discover rain poem.
At the moment, looking at top in that distance city wall still and then constantly and constantly flow out into a demon monster,, the feather sky is as more anxious as the heart of Xing dust.2 people know that the sky blesses the method of that attraction attention to be just strategy for gaining time.Procrastinate a moment at present, this bewitching monster in the city much ascend many, but 2 oneselfs finally will become the target of demon monster, so want to sink into at 2 oneselfs drive before rounding,, look for a light rain to break through siege to leave.
Along with the penny in time a past, the bewitching monster wreaking havoc on the street is also more, 2 people at the moment even if avoid being seen with all strength,, can not also completely avert from a rounding up of demon monster.So this a moment, 2 people also can the rapid shot kill to block off road of bewitching monster, kill a blood road with all strength.
So, don't realize mistake how long as well, waiting until 2 people's body form has already become Zhi to slowly get up, surroundings of the street ascend all basically have the demon monster Zu road, in 2 people's heart just upsurge to put on impotence.The affair arrive at the moment, the situation had been clear and distinct, and 2 oneselfs are having no ability to continue to keep on searching, the moment if again don't break through siege, perhaps arrive demon the monster remit a few avenues of gathering the full neighborhood, 2 oneselfs were hopeless situation!
This a moment, feather sky together of the heart sank into valley bottom and looking at surrounding more and more bewitching monsters, the feather sky together and finally cannot helps but looking up at sky to give a deep sigh a way, " is this really a heaven's will,
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See feather together desolate facial expression for sky,, the Xing dust is rather many also a regrets,
lancel 2013, but it knows to isn't to hate the time in sky now and right away makes a noise to remind a way, "the sky leave together!You have already made an effort!The sky blesses to still wait us!"
"The sky blesses,
louis vuitton handbags!"The sky of the feather together tiny tiny one Zheng, right away thought of own good brothers, the sky at the moment blesses,
sale louis vuitton, still was fighting for time for oneself!The poem that is since old sky of to want to allow oneself to lose rain,, that says not get, oneself can in no way consequently cause sky to bless.Thought of here, the feather sky together and all over sends forth a chilly murderous look and immediately towards a Xing dust to drink low a way, "walk!Look for a sky to bless!"Although the feather sky together and very doesn't want to now give up, feather the sky is together also to have no a way, oneself not ability because of personal private, brought trouble brothers.
See feather together and finally and now give up for sky, the Xing dust is to secretly loosen tone.Although
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