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TOPIC: that young girl walks first one step.Han Xiong

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Suddenly change into a black spirit without basis dissipation, unexpectedly Be just a temporary incarnation, old Zu of fox and white dress woman with each other silk one eye after, all saw deeply fear to an idea from the other party eyes. Change magically an incarnation of isn't difficult, but canned once deceive them these two absolute being of dollar baby's monks know, this can too terrible, know the state of his 2 people just has been staring at the southern Long Hou in the black spirit, eye and didn't blink for a while.The Shu canned unexpectedly still let the other party done in complete secrecily display to get out of predicament unnoticed.If the other party isn't to want to plot secretly against to steal Han Li who hide the one side, but the words to make moves to them, their 2 people most likely has already had one person to encounter a poison hand. , , Han Dao You, have never thought you also here.That is great!This demon is really severe, my 3 people at the right moment cooperates a total anti- this is evil, just can self-preservation. "Make old Zu of fox loudly of call a way. Signs one this words of listenning to, a burst of wry smile in heart, Thought at first from already of the Shu of concealment is enough astounding, after being a dollar old woman expect monk not necessarily so can feel as well, hence trust of hide in one side, want to in a moment slip away.Can have never thought evil this thou not only x now he, also past make don't know of made a surprise attack him 1.Almost encountered an its poison hand.See to this war,
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