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TOPIC: "This life flower

http://lvhandbagsoutletwholesa​ "This life flower 11 months, 3 weeks ago #28060

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Grow a felling, add sea to connect absolute compare dance state Gao of Lun!
Is also say, add sea even how should be two article Dous will above, is strong the class can refine a ground class Dan medicine,, this is to Chu Hao Ren of a biggest threat, because the state demarcation that annoys teacher according to the Dou, Chu Hao Ren now just nine article Dou teacher.
The wonderful clean Tan lightly read a voice,
purses louis vuitton,, Qiao face gladly of way:"Seeing to me didn't see wrong, Chu's childe had been controling own ability while having a competition,, your real strenght far the non- surface is so simple."
Chu Hao Ren not from peculiarly hope her, ask a way:"I and your vegetable don't acquaint with, you incredibly from have a competition a beginning is observing me,
ebay sac lancel?"
Wonderful clean Qiao face the Fei is red, voice sweet soft way:"Hear that childe after creating a wonderful hand Dan wonderful clean once found out the childe's affair, a little bit ex- sky of childe at saint beautiful board of trade lead some affairs, although saint the United States the board of trade blockaded news afterwards, wonderful clean still kept knowing detail, and once saw a childe of your portrait, so one eye recognized you,"
"You are true of just want to inquire into with me the affair of Dan medicine?"The Chu Hao Ren suspiciously asks a way.
His words how sound to always have an ambiguity, wonderful clean eyes feel ashamed idea, lower the head a way:"In fact, wanting to ask Chu's childe to do some help is wonderful clean."
"Please say!"
"Has the childe ever listenned to flower feather a clan?"
Chu Hao Ren the air urged under,,, "flower feather clan,
Louis Vuitton Damier Wallets?Mankind's eight one of the general situation dintses in the world?"
Is wonderful clean to nod a way:"Being quite good is exactly this flower feather clan."
"What do you mean to say?"The Chu Hao Ren cans not help many some curious, the flower feather clan is a mysterious influence, although ascend mankind's eight general situation dints in the world,hardly see the person of flower feather clan, wonderful clean why suddenly bring up this.
"Do not know a childe does the clan understand how much to the flower feather?"
The Chu Hao Ren simple and directly shakes, "once listenned to this influence, in addition to name, other all don't know."
Smell speech, the wonderful clean Qiao face cans not help a burst of disappointment, mumbling sigh a way:"Say so come, the childe basically connects to spend a feather clan is what kind of none of existence clear, words like this, and then how can help my this life flower ……"
"This life flower?"
At wonderful clean mumbling to oneself in, Chu the Hao Ren is abrupt however heard these four words, the body canned not help one earthquake and stared at a wonderful clean way:"Do you say this life flower?"
The vigorous reaction of Chu Hao Ren, let a bit wonderful clean strange, "quite good, we spend the Dou spirit of feather clan self-discipline extremely special,, truely carry on self-discipline, have to blend a kind of flower,
louis vuitton sale, self-discipline origin life flower, but once being successful, the real strenght will advance by leaps and bounds
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