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Username Password: Remember me "But I still hope that the Xiao house that you can live till now goes
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TOPIC: "But I still hope that the Xiao house that you can live till now goes

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The bottom can also have what in her eyes call ascend interesting.
The smiling face on"for example,, your in the mind starts to be some liking me now, because my smiling face and princess within your heart night the Liao a kind of insect be like very much and all have 1 kind ……" Ye lotus face in Europe at this a moment sudden dissipation open, one silk is dignified but grief of the facial expression float up her face.
"Is a kind of be like iceberg snow lotus sort of lonesome."The Xiao dream building mumblingly says.
"You have very sharp observation dint."Ye lotus in Europe suddenly lowered the head to stop for eying Xiao dream building, lightly coughed a ,, " has short of common run of people to a gene to say, very rare."
"This isn't not foreseeable."The Xiao dream building sighs a , " almost each super ability is all standing alone, but you again and the super ability community can not get along, a person arrives at the Earth.I admit your mind reading is really very miraculous, but after all you are just a young female kid,
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"Don't try to guess me,
louis vuitton scarves, don't also use your knight's spirit to my body, " Ye lotus in Europe rose proud head, use a kind of Ao however of the look in the eyes stare at to see Xiao dream building, "you will discover that that are a kind of waste,"
"Say so, you can't live in my current home."The Xiao dream building doesn't matter ground a shrug shoulders Bang.
"I want to live in this teahouse."Ye lotus in Europe positively says.
"You don't even think."Thought of a begonia tree under of time box,, Xiao dream building's wanting doesn't think as well a ground of harsh voice say,
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"What is your thinking that I don't know in what to pack?"Ye lotus in Europe sneered at to be partial to be partial to a head and used a chilly look in the eyes toward the eyes of Xiao dream building orthoptic but go.
Xiao dream the building Be helpless ground of to shut eyes, grow to give a sigh, light tone way:"But I still hope that the Xiao house that you can live till now goes, because I think not again to live in that place,
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"Do you know,"Ye lotus in Europe is from the rattan chair agilely the station start and arrive at the Xiao dream building in front, smile way, " mind reading isn't what joyful super ability.Much time I scan widely to hope to go to, can see an another stand sink a residue to start to be suffused with, dirty and unbearable mind river.But your heart river imitate Buddha Milky Way similar brilliant pure,, pure and radiant and extremely keen.No wonder that you tried very hard to generally want to guard that last secret of heart bottom."
Peep out ashamed smiling face on the face of Xiao dream building, his Nao Nao head, wry smile 1, frighten into inaction ground to say:"Whether I should say that a many thanks cries up."
"You haven't understood till now, BE?"The Ye lotus tiny Yang in Europe wears a head and profoundly stares at him.
"Understand what?"Xiao dream building doubt the ground open eyes.
"Solar system electricity Jing the big match ascend you to compete with that dish of mine."Ye lotus in Europe says quietly that" you,
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