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cheap hats but doesn't understand a ground of surprised way of shouting very much
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TOPIC: cheap hats but doesn't understand a ground of surprised way of shouting very much

cheap hats but doesn't understand a ground of surprised way of shouting very much 11 months, 2 weeks ago #27576

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He gives an account well some kind of just go, otherwise who know back behind will the thunder-storm can't want to get savage again!
After deciding Lin Yu Feng picked up the cellular phone on the beside table to stir thunder of cellular phone number, the side listens to a thunder-storm constitution of the daintiness dazzle bell, the side wants how should with thunder-storm explain just good, in case that the thunder-storm doesn't give how does he do,
cheap hats?He but once promised Qin Yue Yan of, the nature is to can not renege, and he doesn't want to renege as well, although he doesn't know he's in the mind why so cares Qin Yue Yan's peace or chaos, now not is consider this of time .
"Feed!Jade breeze!You just just went home to make a phone call in a little while I!Missed me?Xi Xi,
Nike NFL Jerseys!" When Lin Yu Feng is still just thinking an affair, spread thunder-storm in cellular phone that sweet voice that slightly take to tease,
lancel handbags.
"Sum!Yes!Ha ha!Light rain, I some matters want to say with you,"Lin Yu Feng is teased by the thunder-storm to make some reactions don't come over, Leng just had some to embarrassedly give° the words that he wants to say to say out behind all of a sudden.
"?What does the matter want to say with me?That you this afternoon how don't say with me?Say quickly!"The thunder-storm is to curiously say very much, today she with Lin Yu Feng chat an afternoon,, Lin Yu Feng didn't say, how now just make a phone call to say, this has to make the thunder-storm feeling curious.
"Because there is sudden affairs occurrence, I am also just- known, so I want to say that I want tomorrow with you Hong Kong an around week, this period of time may you can not find me!"Lin Yu Feng just thought good words to said out, directly say a point, even if the thunder-storm doesn't go to for him, he also wants to go of, just want to say with thunder-storm to be a just now, province the thunder-storm seek to disappear him and think indiscriminately what, doesn't he think that the thunder-storm again misunderstands him to dislike her!
"!Go to Hong Kong?Go to Hong Kong why?What happened matter?Still needing to go is so long for a week."Thunder-storm's hasing no directly saying doesn't go for Lin Yu Feng, but doesn't understand a ground of surprised way of shouting very much, she wants to know that Lin Yu Feng exactly took place what affair, how can and suddenly want Hong Kong is so long, worry whether Lin Yu Feng met what difficulty.
"What about nothing important important event!You need not worry, just the that Qin month Yan is my good friend, she sang on stage in Hong Kong point matter, needs me to do some help, I promised."Lin Yu Feng didn't conceal Qin Yue Yan's business,
lv handbags outlet, because he feels have no necessity conceal thunder-storm, thunder-storm but his girl friend!Concealing on the contrary will let the thunder-storm worry about he, so the truth actually said.
"Is Asia that was saved by you last time one pretty girl singer, Qin Yue Yan, ?"The thunder-storm doesn't have strange Lin Yu Feng will become a good friend with Qin Yue Yan, Lin Yu Feng's hero saves
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