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Of roar low to express own intention,, descend a moment ……the blue light explodes a Shan, huge woman without pubic hair, stubbornly appear jade on the stage at the white, almost just appeared, he then the righteousness had never returned to attend to of dynasty those 1,100 aureate spirit blades faced pass by,!
Chapter 321 four Huans meet the enemy
Ten thousand many attention bottom, woman without pubic hair huge body, tragically heroically hurtled into aureate Dou to annoy crazy Lan in, immediately ……the gold pared off a temple to accompany with blue light to violently gleam, contact, woman without pubic hair lunch box the field be shoot~deaed, explode cover with of blue light, however meanwhile, after obstructing of woman without pubic hair, majority of gold colors Dou annoys blade also F through disappear,
Custom NFL Jerseys,, only haven't arrive 30% of Dou spirit blade, still toward my Cuan come over.
The mood kept in mind to painfully sad, I start to display a big dream dance to tread, calmly of flash across already not that intensive gold color spirit blade, meanwhile,, white the jade on the stage is blue light Shan place, the woman without pubic hair again appears in the on the stage, a face indignantly looking at that to twins' brothers, connect roaring of voice.
The woman without pubic hair comes back!
See the facial expression that the woman without pubic hair challenges, I quickly make him come back, because I know, he basically isn't the opponent of the other party, the words simply want to beat, affirm a meeting fiasco of!
Listenned to my order, turning of woman without pubic hair injustice head dynasty I see, meanwhile, the voice of woman without pubic hair, deep and lowly at my mind ring get up:"host, as a Huan monster, the combat is our instincts, protecting the host are also our man's natural duties,, the host pay for us of F through Be getting tooer many, if on meeting danger, the host always want to depend on oneself solution, that our existence, don't become a superfluous nuisance?"
Listenned to the words of woman without pubic hair, I not from stunned speechless, I the Huan monster that want and protect me, keep oneself from being the tool use to them,
Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys on sale, but didn't thought of, as a Huan monster,
discount new era cap, in fact their combat desires is very strong,, can accurately say, the combat is the disposition of Huan monster, not the Huan monster of combat, lost to continue and exist of meaning!
Just when I deliberate, the voice of green dragon is dignified of ring:"the host , anyway, meet dangerous of time, we all hope to block in the host's front and be like now so, we looking at in a side more, but as for words that make the host charge and break enemy ranks by themselves, that is really too painful, absolutely is beyond expression pain and sufferings,
Wholesale New Era Hats!"
Make reference to here,, the Vinaceous Rosefinch connects a people's way in the part:"yes host, if don't depend on us, you still can spend any difficult situation and win anily to
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