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TOPIC: new era "

new era " 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2302

  • bagyfbsj07
An identity makes a card.Do you guess what affair he after taking out to make card all took place,"
"This makes card, should be his identity to make a card."
"No one knows that this makes a card, is the identity that isn't him to make a card.Because when he take out to make a card, the week shows Long Deng Ren,
new era, feels that a violent invisible Wei presses of dint, gush from that the ream the card, unexpectedly direct chase them a public, abruptly oppress knelt in the ground."
"What, do you say, say of is this fact?"
"The clan grows up a person, do you see me this being like playing trick,
cheap hats?"
"……" Listens to Zhao Xin Dong is a words, attend to pure Ren to have no language of silent a short while, say:"This young man is probably me the sky cure a clan first Zu, life we descendant posterity, bitterness the saint lord of the bitterness waiting turns the body of a life time in this forest."
"This ……may,"Zhao Xin Dong Yi hu ò.
At Zhao Xin Dong, attend to the meeting that the pure Ren talks, leaf sky's soaring has already left a sky to cure a clan and get into a bush, is covering with to support the strength of"is concealed to wear breeze" at the moment,
Lancel Handbags,, hide a body form, rapid wear line in Lin Qu, toward that attend to pure Ren say of the nest of northern mysterious influence order the nest x ù e to rush through.
Leading is half of two-hour period, the leaf sky soared to once wear Lin Qu and saw an one slice limitless o farmland of y à, and the figure that cures clansmen in busy craft work in the o in the field of y à in the sky,
Leading again is half of two-hour period, the leaf sky soars from the o farmland sky sweep of y à,, a deeply disappear bottom, breadth the abyss of about more than 100 Zhangs, appear at his view in.
The south of abyss is the o farmland of y à that a sky cures a clan, but north, then the one continues long of cluster mountain Jun the ground of the Ling, the mountain mists rises and falls,, continue long not to know how much ten thousand insides.
"The nest x ù e of mysterious influence, in this cluster mountain?"From that abyss on fly Lue but lead a piece abyss the rock of the side up fall in, release visit absolute being to read, in the middle of continuing long a cluster of mountain, visit search the person's trace of mysterious influence.
Because the absolute being reads of the replying of dint spread out, the general condition in the one slice cluster mountain, very clear
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