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TOPIC: gave a lot of delicious of gave a lot of delicious of 12 months ago #2196

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This hereafter destine into saint of person bottom in the door.Want on this week become a teacher is a Hong Jun is four pupils, such as if enter door bottom, somehow can also mix a Hong Jun Tu the honor and duties of.
"Each senior younger brother start to please quickly and quickly, the white is some early to get expensive son, but is trouble manies to come mutually He.Ha ha."The white is fierce simultaneously outspokenly smile,, white cloud pull to prepare to run about aimlessly at any time all alone, the white dew pours to rest and recuperate at the oneself grass shed postnatal period,, can but ask him to follow small white cloud at any time.This kid true very naughty, yesterday momentary inattention, incredibly with borrow just some little and naturally divine power, jump in the pure and peaceful lake grasped fish go to, had mercy on one brocade carp in many East China Sea, connected take many dragons in lake, all was made track for a flying fish dragon jump.Is helpless under, the white is fierce be only been legal to live him, punished him to stand oneself grass shed before examine himself, be imaginable as a result, the small white cloud weeps and sniffles of appearance,, immediately arouse public sympathy, bamboo language, stone loyalty, the bore as one man blames him to humiliate his own little younger brother Shi.The white is patiently fierce helpless, only pull him, he wants to go where accompany to go to,, such as if is very naughty,
wholesale cheap mlb hats, pour also living guidance, also no longer reprimand.
"Boon, Er etc. was public to have heart."The week becomes rare spare time also, need not preach, also be subjected to together public with several people in door congratulate.
"Each senior, did you take a gift for small white cloud?"The small white cloud is pulling oneself's father's hand to leap to jump and swaying a head to sway to oldly hope to grovel a ground of public, oneself's father has already told himself/herself, want to see today of is all oneself's senior, although he is a teacher to spread pupil in person, pouring shoulds not living a cent, either, must call everyone's senior."Yesterday, the bamboo language elder sister still had the stone elder brother Zhong, the bore declared that the elder brothers all said the small white cloud was very lovely, gave a lot of delicious of, divertive,"Week prejudice small white cloud general appearance, but is a big old bosom Wei, such kind of pupil, but is have oneself the kind son for several cents.
"Ha ha,, the small white cloud is lovely, the seniors certainly took for you delicious divertive."Is public on seeing this son thus lovely, pour to also like excrescent, not from roar with laughter, this sub- tactful works properly strange such, no wonder that teacher meeting bottom in the income door.Is public also immediately take out have already readied to of work properly medicine mountain three,
wholesale authentic nfl jerseys, flower and fruit Dan medicine, pour also is all rare thing son.
"White cloud also didn't once thank many seniors."The week prejudice wins public support a gold fairy thus last,, oneself's pupil again thus lovely, is really happily excrescent.
"The boy once thanks many seniors,"
"Need not, need not,, hereafter still hope younger brothers Shi to look after much and more."Many gold fairies pour oneself to also know an oneself matter, oneself hereafter pour is can not compare with this white cloud little younger brother Shi, after all the somebody else spread pupil in person, there is an in the door of.
Immediately after have green Qiu mountain range again
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