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Cheap Lancel Bags we give up the plan of body evil boundary.Will thoroughly lose meaning ……"
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TOPIC: Cheap Lancel Bags we give up the plan of body evil boundary.Will thoroughly lose meaning ……"

Cheap Lancel Bags we give up the plan of body evil boundary.Will thoroughly lose meaning ……" 11 months, 2 weeks ago #21533

  • mcqvcujyh28
, But still not know actually is what is the row, also not know what they are fixing to do.Only too Xuan,Cheap Lancel Bags, the thou row Er waits talented person to know these central evil soldiers takes of, is wait astounding evil achievement.
The whole central dynasty,Lancel Handbags Online Shop, the evil spirit is dashing, a wave of strong evil spirit does from the fixing of central evil soldier of ground, the space of a wave of facing dynasty outside proliferation but go to.World Ji however have no voice, then at this time----
"Too Xuan ……"
"Fix Luo ……"
"The Ao orchid thou Dai Er ……"
"Shell Er Sparta ……"
The "there is also ancient row Er, you all get to evil palace in ……" heart evil voice hovers around in the central dynasty sky, strong s of many center dynasties hear heart evil voice and accompany to all return to absolute being.Don't hesitate, body form in a flash, have already changed into one round and round dark shadow Lue toward the central evil palace ……
"The Zhi is dumb----"
The evil palace front door opens widely, the very thick black evil spirit is from the palace inside spray to flow out but go to,lancel premier flirt price.Step this very thick evil smoke, too the Xuan waits a person file in but
"Pay respects to his majesty!"Many evil respectful tracks.
"H'm,lancel handbags 2013."The heart is a little bit evil to nod, vision slowly once sweeps under, hope to attend to, ray of light four overflow,, from have a kind of not Nu but the vehemence of Wei.
"Central evil soldier has already greatly become, I have already decided and lead a soldier to go on expedition evil boundary.Prepare unification evil boundary."The heart evil voice rings out in many evil ears,, fix Luo and the Ao orchid thou Dai the Er still don't feel what.2 people almost have no concept to compete for hegemony evil boundary, thou row Er with wear inside Si etc. person but can not help changing countenance.
"His majesty, the ten greatest dynasties form alliance at present, they bottom again have darkly go on expedition a soldier to stay in.The real strenght greatly increases.Starts competing for hegemony evil boundary now with our present real strenght, afraid of dint don't arrest!"Wear an inside Si the full face worry, worry of looking at a big palace top the heart of the eyes dark is evil, say.
Heart evil these several days the behavior is very peculiar,Wholesale 59fifty hats, a connect foolish for few months in the big palace on suddenly and then deciding to start competing for hegemony evil boundary on every occasion, and, still just the dynasty big emperor forms alliance a ground of circumstance under.From can not wear an inside Si don't worry.
A side too Xuan face up peep out to wonder of air, desire speech again:"Just, although distinctly sending army currently is a bit not that feat, ……,, we are in the evil boundary have been foolish too long ground of time, stars have already had six the star the allied bead,lancel ���ާܧ�.If don't can consume evil boundary real strenght before nine stars again, we give up the plan of body evil boundary.Will thoroughly lose meaning ……"
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