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TOPIC: you should believe my words now

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"Ha ha, the white fights,, so Qiao, you also here."
Cloud Hao in the sky sees oneself have been already exposed, immediately ha ha say with smile:"Be free, I just pass by a dozen of soy sauce of, you should why continue why, I this walks."Finish saying, would be one shadow of turning round, intend to leave here.
"Hum, friend,, you should believe my words now!"
See cloud Hao intend to walk for sky, but the white war is ferocious on smiling, hope the youth that fights toward that, sink a track:"If isn't me, perhaps you will become next I."
"Is damned, true someone,"
That youth scolded low a ,, the air respectfully hopes cloud Hao in the sky, end, once the step step, the uncanny speed woulds be to suddenly explode to shoot but rise:"Since make you discover here, so want to walk, perhaps isn't an easy affair."
After cloud Hao in the sky turns round, the facial expression would is suddenly on sinking, secretly white the ancestor of the war Be 18 to all send greetings to 1 time.
So good fisherman opportunity,
discount new era hats from china, be heartlessly ruined by him, what he hated didn't clench a white war to come over greatly and beat at this time,
Lancel Handbags, then can relieve the exasperation in the heart.
However, can the flank still have a Cui the person of the body highest point and seem to look more even severe than white war, so, he also can choose to leave, greatly not wait will at stage a comeback be.
But, at this time, youth that words sound that is full of to kill an idea is also in the ear that spread to him, follow of, there is also a relentless terrible sword spirit.
Cloud Hao in the sky is stuffy to hum a , two words don't say, benefit sword quickly draw out after death, lightning flash sort of then the dynasty after death flicked to pass by.
"Keng Qiang!"
The contact of the weapon immediately brings about repeatedly spark.
And then cloud Hao in the sky and youth this just the double double retreat, the air seriously hopes the other party.
"The Cui body 9 F!"
When cloud Hao in the sky makes moves, that youth impressively felt the state of cloud Hao in the sky, corner of mouth Wen tiny tiny on hanging up,
custom nfl jerseys cheap, cunningly say with smile:"Be really unexpectedly,
Wholesale 59fifty hats, deliver the person of two Cui body highest points first, the behind delivers the person of the body 9 F of a Cui again and see is very quite good today to my luck."
Cloud Hao grip in the sky begins medium lance and knows to hide however go to, not from hang up to have one silk corner of mouth, way:"White war, can you want to revenge?"
"What mean?"
The youth seeks cloud Hao in the sky, the pressure of white war immediately and greatly reduces, but is hearing cloud the words sound of Hao for sky but is a tiny Leng for a while,
"So, we cooperate and gain of product or like you say of so,, 37 cent, Zhang, change to do me three this time, you seven, how?"Cloud Hao Gao in the sky raises a corner of mouth and sees fight to the white.
The white war smells speech on smiling,, heavy point
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