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oakley titanium sunglasses screech almost sting broke the ear drum of scar in the sky.
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TOPIC: oakley titanium sunglasses screech almost sting broke the ear drum of scar in the sky.

oakley titanium sunglasses screech almost sting broke the ear drum of scar in the sky. 11 months, 1 week ago #108225

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Blue and tiny Nu way:"The whole day bottoms all know that what I like is a greenery now, but you always at I nearby, you let I how but face others?How to face my mother and grandfather, you still say be not intentionally deceive mine, I mean the good will to the greenery for many times in front of you, but you always don't admit your own identity, is not sincerely want to see my joke but?I know that you had bulb of lily, you returned to seek me dry what, you walk, you walk, I don't want again see you.""Say till the last, take out to cry a sound for several cents in her words.
Listenned to very blue words, scar in the sky on the contrary heart in a pleased, he is understand, blue don't living own spirit, just because of female kid of awkward and shy don't know how to face himself/herself.Solve bell to still need to fasten a bell person, see, want to dissolve the misunderstanding in the blue heart,
oakley titanium sunglasses, oneself has to begin.Mentality quickly to room inside explore to go, generally held positions in it like eyes, the ray of light is one Shan, scar in the sky with move the method"wear a wall" of form unreal image but go into, silently got into room.
Agile body's falling is having no voice, he a see to lie prone on the bed of blue just tiny tinily sob.Float a body to fall by the side of the blue body, scar in the sky didn't move and quietly looking at near at very short distance of cut off a beautiful young girl.
Probably because don't hear again the voice of outside sky of scar, bluely sob a voice to gradually pay, mumbling low language way:"This bastard, walk so.Don't comfort me as well."A guest says, she slowly once turned over a body and was her to see before being signed to a bed, scar in the sky of a face smile, stared blankly first for a while, close behind, screech almost sting broke the ear drum of scar in the sky.
Scar bitterness in the sky wears face Wu to live his/her own ear, ", blue, you need not so loudly, luckily this room was soundproof and not bad, otherwise heard by the others, also thought I you?"
Take rain on pear flower of very blue Qiao face, sent forth to just once once take a shower a special body of young girl on the body joss-stick, blue of long deliver fluffy seem to be some spread in disorder,,
ray bans aviators, had a liking for an abnormality captivating."You, this makes you incoming.You are to sincerely see I bring shame is be not."Once the left hand clap a bed, body afloat but rise, one Zhang at scar chest in the sky beat, blue of the ray of light in a twinkling fill the air and wink covered with the body of scar in the sky.
Scar in the sky didn't hide,
lancel bags, 1 F ice crystal coagulation at his body surroundings, he so foolish foolishly have to take at first an on every occasion, imitated an ice vulture of Buddha general.
Was blue to stare blankly for a while, surprised exhale a voice,
gucci horsebit hobo bag, because of at ashamed and resentful
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