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cheap oakley m frame sunglasses Xu Ze comes out dining room doorway
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TOPIC: cheap oakley m frame sunglasses Xu Ze comes out dining room doorway

cheap oakley m frame sunglasses Xu Ze comes out dining room doorway 11 months ago #107479

  • crmzha69sy89
Come in.
After seeing Xu Ze at this time, but 2 people's eyes is a bright, Sun Ling Fei sweetly smiled to smile toward Xu Ze, however owing to 2 people recently superficial low key,
cheap oakley m frame sunglasses, is don't talk;But Li Yu Xuan of the one side but is say with smile:"Xu Ze has been already had a meal?Sit a meeting together?"
Xu Ze tooks a look Sun Ling Fei , lightly location nod,
oakley sport sunglasses, then smile to looking at Li Yu Xuan's way:"Not, you eat, I am hasty to occupy now".
The side head of Li Yu Xuan Sun Ling Fei who took a look a flank, looking at her to peep out one silk disappointment in the Qiao eyes.Being not sighed low by ground in the heart is a ,
ebay oakley sunglasses, then says with smile:"That is all right, your favour"
Xu Ze Xiao smile, then took a look Sun Ling Fei ,, looking at her some disappointed facial expressionses, hesitated for a while,, still way:"I must go a Yan city, don't know how long, come back a telephone again".
Say after, estimate time has already differed not that many, then hurriedly and greatly tread toward the dining room outside
Looking at Xu Ze's this anxious explaination, but Sun Ling Fei is to can not help ground one Leng, 2 people already not very invite to express in other people's in front become intimate with, but Xu Ze today how like this give an account, also walk so urgently.Rush through to Yan city this time,
louis vuitton discount,really have what important affair?
At that moment is not turned a head by ground to see to have already greatly trodden Xu Ze who walks toward the doorway,, full in the eye is apprehensive of color.
However she this turns a head, is see again a female kid walk to come in from the dining room doorway and see arrive right against the face of Xu Ze after, is a face up peeped out the color of surprise, looking at Xu Ze Dao:"Xu Ze, have you ever eaten?"
Looking at at present Zhang Lin Yun,, Xu Ze Dao is one Leng, dark way now son's pouring is a Qiao, who can meet.
But at this time the voice of penknife is in Xu Ze's brain, but is quickly ring out:"Southwest direction, 3:00 position, have already flown a thing rapid approach, 2,000 meters apart from the position"
"Is so quick?"Listen to this voice, Xu Ze has to nod to say with smile toward Zhang Lin Yun:"To" once eat, I had a little to in advance walk, "say,
gucci bag on sale, ordered to nod toward Zhang Lin Yun.Then again big step the ground walk toward the outside.
Zhang Lin Yun surprised Cha of in the vision, Xu Ze comes out dining room doorway, the title sees 3:00 position in sky toward oneself,,
ray ban sunglasses sale, indeed as expected see a black a little bit small just quick toward this place approach, just few seconds behind, then start having the propeller voice to bomb Long Long to spread unclearly, then that black small
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