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lancel purses online The dad has been teaching me and is a businessman
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TOPIC: lancel purses online The dad has been teaching me and is a businessman

lancel purses online The dad has been teaching me and is a businessman 11 months, 1 week ago #107438

  • jyeqfabb04
The Gu scolds a way:"Is not friendly better,
lancel purses online, in case you ask for Sao everywhere for me.Tidy up thing to move house quickly.We settled contract with Qian Fu, Qian Fu wanted small Xuan to be servant girl,
louis vuitton handbag, if we send not to go, also don't find out our head up, do we still have a life?"2 people tidy up to move house not to lift.
The small Xuan had an elder brother, and then solved the matter of aunt Gu man, the in the mind is happy very full, got to hotel with last officer's iron in.
The lotus small Xuan asks a way:"Elder brother, what did you say for my uncle?I see you lightly one finger he how painful faint?"
Last officer's railroad:"Your uncle humiliates you so long, I how to not make him pay for it, I that from now on makes him become eunuch,,
lancel bags nyc,, his whole life doesn't want to touch a woman again.
Lotus the small Xuan is how intelligent, see with half an eye, ""1,, have his face raddens all over, but the in the mind is very happy.This is to this shameless uncle's best retribution.
Last officer's iron understands lotus the small Xuan fear the loose river town of money childe's place, especially the idea gallops to run to leave loose river town 50 growing of outsides in the inside original town.Sought imposing luxurious trip store in the house,
lancel reyes, 2 people went into a store.
Last officer's iron throws to owner's two silver coins, way:This is to appreciate yours, not building money, give me two close together first-class guest rooms, have no my to allow, anyone can not approach my younger sister's room."
Is rich indeed as expected talk, owner's enthusiasm fierily arranged to like room.Last officer's iron asks an owner:"Here where of dress store had better?"Owner's way:"Little Xia you this but ask, there is a tailor shop in this town and call an agreeable idea dress shop.That tailor originally does to live in the permanent stability big city, fame best, but because the homesick just moves to return to this town, she this moves, even the merchant prince young ladies of permanent stability city all a long distance to order clothes, it is thus clear that its clothes arrive so much what extent, Be just his house usually the person didn't dare into, was really too costly."
Xiao any 《super chain absolute being 》
The chapter 35 agreeable idea shop fortune upon
Last officer's railroad:"Small Xuan, we go to agreeable idea shop and see and buy several pieces to change to do laundry."
Lotus small Xuan way:"Elder brother,, need not, is to not is to be getting tooer costly, we rather buy a few cloths, I am good at to make dress."
"The elder brother is rich,
lancel purse, afraid of."Last officer iron heroism does cloud.Is also, rob to come to money isn't money, how spend all don't love.
Walking isn't far, then and far and far saw the 2 F of an imposing style floor, the vulture beam painting, thou thou of color joss-stick, top the gold-lettered signboard write three big words in"agreeable idea shop".
On moving, last officer's iron in the mind's heart way:The dad has been teaching me and is a businessman,,
lancel us store, must have 1 pair first
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