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Tang Fei keeps feeling that huge dint flows out toward own right boxing
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TOPIC: Tang Fei keeps feeling that huge dint flows out toward own right boxing

Tang Fei keeps feeling that huge dint flows out toward own right boxing 11 months, 1 week ago #107385

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Head one shot isn't medium,, not nervous, the immediately after outside dint is fierce on fleeing, directly start to jump 34 meters one punch facing Tang Fei the left shoulder bomb come
The air roars and shouts,ray bans online cheap, the large fist takes the current of air in black to row like general facing Tang Fei of meteor, Tang Fei's eyebrows a wrinkly,, the double feet step ground, the fierce one punch bombs to get empty toward the half and incredibly want and crash down of lead the way hard touch this one punch
The black collar of dress head originally thinks Tang Fei will the side body avert from and have never thought the other party the one punch incredibly and nowise being afraid bomb toward him, corner of mouth 1 sneers at
"Recklessly and blindly do" he is also regarded as born divine power, pure compare put together the words of energy, he still really has never feared what person, plus now he is to crash down origin gain advantage, is confident
"Bomb" two boxings finally and bumped into together,gucci official site, Tang Fei keeps feeling that huge dint flows out toward own right boxing, the rock of the foot is a blowout, the double feet are bumped sank into an underground together the place of knee
That leading the way a black dress person then is directly bombed 67 meters high air by this one punches, then one touching fell in the ground, same crack open by explosion the rock of ground to open
A sea of woes inside the gold lotus vibrate and continuously dissolve Tang Fei's an in the body impact strength,, however Tang Fei remain not pleasurable, though the gold lotus dissolved the dint of most of anti- earthquakes, but leave of the strength still let Tang Fei was subjected to very big impact, one mouthful in the Xing is sweet, the one mouthful blood directly sprayed out
However think a ratio with Tang Fei, that leads the way of that is getting more distress, can have no gold lotus to dissolve that anti- earthquake strength inside his body, though he holds to crash down of power, but drop down from the midair,lancel uk, directly hit the head break a blood, obfuscation pass by
But at this time, Tang Fei suddenly feels that the spiritual influence that strength is inside the body he or she almost sampled 70%, then Tang Fei heard a burst of to bellow a voice,gucci sukey bag,, suspend the Zhu that the half gets empty of Wu, incredibly a while its body up, the not next several hundred sharp sting whole amount projects and all submerged those six black dress person's bodies
Bellowing the voice is exactly these six black dress persons send out, this be still Tang Fei experienced to ownly work properly a monster to use its technical ability for the first time,gucci outlet store locations, this was equally regarded as a kind of Shu of working properly, only this kind of work properly Shu the other people is to learn not of, only have 【Zhu Wu 】then oneself could use
Then a wonderful affair took place, originally be taken out to adjust an empty spiritual influence to incredibly and slow-movingly add back,, these mergence persistence in the black dress human body incredibly still take the ability for gobbling up
Tang Fei a pleased,sac occasion lancel, the fast absorption wears this pure spiritual influence, however
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