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TOPIC: naturally be descending with two people."The mulberry still sees in a side

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The Shen doesn't depend on of say:"Ying I am so many dishes, shortage,, even if play to depend on to also keep on wanting to continue Ying, also too greed."Wang Hui Lan knocks the head of mulberry and asks:"Who do you are so stupid,
authentic louis vuitton bags, don't lose to lose?"Indeed as expected again Anne grain the pawn just let the mulberry walk.Just the emperor Sun saw time cup and said:"Is to can not see clearly, but I feel that the arethusa cup is that to slip away cup in best."Wang Hui Lan smiles to say:"They all say very ugly of, also you and this idiot says that it is good-looking."Immediately ha ha smile to say to the mulberry:"You were really silly, and then lost."The mulberry stretches an once lazy waist and smiles to ask:"I why old bottom however you?I must make you seek an opponent to just go, otherwise you could not realize the happiness of next five son chess.E, to,, he is also a rock middleman, that you play several dishes, I believe, and you will feel this opponent quite good."Just the emperor Sun shakes head to say the general assembly isn't next, the mulberry didn't realize, emperor just the Sun pull over to sit down, oneself then fights in the part view.
Just the emperor Sun forces descend several grain, Wang Hui Lan sighs to say:"You this takes the offensive, I only defend of divide."Just the emperor Sun says:"I think that the aggression is the best defense."Wang Hui Lan canned not sustain the blows, the favour plea for help from mulberry:"The silly big helps quickly,, is been a burst of to offend quickly by him, I cope with however come, what all careless."The mulberry smiles to say:"Your having to is a Ying I am also only easy, really met a superior, lost of son."Wang Hui Lan claps mulberry two times, the responsibility says:"Is all what you ask for, harm I lose so miserably."The mulberry smiles to say:"That I walked,, in case influence your exertion."Wang Hui Lan rightwards moved toward side to move and said:"You sit by me and cooperate to deal with him."Just the emperor Sun says:"I just all almost kill however you, naturally be descending with two people."The mulberry still sees in a side, don't make a noise.Wang Hui Lan lost quickly again,
MLB baseball jerseys, an once grasped mulberry, say:"Think a way quickly remediable remediable."The mulberry just smiles to sit down and began to put grain pawn, Wang Hui Lan walked the chess old, and caught sight of right-hand of show ankle, unavoidably divide attention,, also lost 1 dish.Wang Hui Lan's responsibility says:"Is very stupid,, also only feel many by one's own at the peacetime ability, really ascended battlefield,, again can not be able to."The mulberry favour pulls to a quilt the feet of covering up Wang Hui Lan, say:"See me coming to be a military adviser for you."Wang Hui Lan's face is slightly red red,
Authentic Lancel, don't utter a word, smile together next,, in a short while became an on-looker behind, immediately clap hands to smile to sigh:"Finally won 1."The mulberry says:"BE two to a, win very not only colourful."Wang Hui Lan smiles Kua to say:
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