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Independent hope the anti-corruption system to solve _ News _ Sina
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TOPIC: Independent hope the anti-corruption system to solve _ News _ Sina

Independent hope the anti-corruption system to solve _ News _ Sina 11 months ago #107341

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's Congress, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Vice Chairman Lee dignified, Guizhou Province CPPCC Chairman Huang Yao provincial and ministerial level officials have been sacked, but did not lead to more attention on the Internet,mulberry. The reason why this change, the source is gradually taking shape today's popular anti-corruption body psychological, have been satisfied only when the spectator, but to come forward to actively participate. Therefore sparring the dead tiger "is no longer keen. Again, that is the people "Appreciation of Ugliness fatigue. For whatever reason, have shown that the requirements and expectations of the people of the current anti-corruption higher. In recent years, anti-corruption, people form a perception of a similar "antinomy" corruption molecular level is getting higher and higher, increasing number, the amount is growing, more and more tricks. Of course, the more anti more rot "is untenable. The investigation of the cases now,abercrombie pas cher, but the majority of acts of corruption occurred in the past, the time span of a few years or even ten years, in the case of disclosure of this issue, as well as retirement five years still track down and brought to justice. The investigation and handling of cases, in fact, is the corruption of the past "pay"; Today's anti-corruption effectiveness of how in the end, also need to be left to the future for a long period of time-tested,ray ban. However, the view from the investigation of the cases, compared to the previous kind of blatant corrupt,mulberry outlet, corruption has a new look, more of a gray area established by law, or playing a game in the legal procedures under the surface, more and more intelligent complex and hidden nature of development,cheap oakley, such as the current bidding corruption. In a sense, this is the anti-corruption and pressure to "forced" out. This is also from one side confirms the effectiveness of anti-corruption. Similarly, the corruption of the "evolution" has been in the "Forced" anti-corruption institutional innovation,louboutin pas cher. In recent years, a variety of institutional innovation in advance,abercrombie france, but the overall effect is not optimistic. The old suffering has not been radical, new corruption endless; "settle old accounts" when the scene Accounting,abercrombie; sunk costs increase lead to corruption, anti-corruption costly. This also shows the courage of our institutional innovation is still not big enough, not fast enough pace,toms outlet, acupuncture is not enough accurate,oakley, the implementation is not enough in place. Anti-corruption should be new development breakthroughs, to run in the top of corruption must be more firmly to the system to solve. Therefore, the deepest expression of the seventh session of the Fourth Plenary Session on anti-corruption biggest bright spot and meaning is "to promote anti-corruption system innovation",hollister, and this year is also considered crucial year of China's anti-corruption institution building. Since May, the central row by the party and government cadres accountability inspection,mulberry, the leadership of state-owned enterprises clean practice and a series of anti-corruption system file. Before people spontaneously "network anti-corruption" is included into the "Dictionary of Chinese Communist Party Building", on the one hand, the anti-corruption "available on the will of the people, on the other hand, it indicates that the practice of people's spontaneous,abercrombie, provides fertile soil for the anti-corruption system innovation. But then again, is not an institutional innovation to cure the patient. Is also bidding to become the term "clean Olympics" Beijing Olympics such a big project, such a complex system, so the amount of days funds, Wei Jizhong admits no innovation,ray ban, but is "strict implementation of the provisions. The meaning of the words, and quite memorable.
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