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The voice of a cough that suddenly spreads
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TOPIC: The voice of a cough that suddenly spreads

The voice of a cough that suddenly spreads 11 months, 1 week ago #107297

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Of the sword light, absolute being print to bomb to kill but go!
The stanza gold whip turns to make a pair of gold Jiao once again and become to wring to shear with each other of the power toward the sword of sky all of a sudden to only bump shot but go,
Is some kind of to bellow, the sword of Keng Qiang blares of the voice linger in the ears, this is some kind of to collide with, become grand view, clock south although have confidence to Tang Fei's physique,hope that billowing never-failing thunder sea at this time it, clock south the heart remain a misgiving thousand times,, that great stock market investor's thunder he only close to have already felt breathing compare person, much less Tang Fei still the whole individuals are all drowned at it,lancel usa, how can this make him don't worried?
The stanza gold whip quality is extraordinary, the clock south works properly Xi sword turning to make thousand sword waves is stired by him all of a sudden ground lead half, however that gold whip equally is also with cuts and bruises all over, clock the south is a soul clan it of Jiao Jiao, promote to work properly absolute being already not next a hundred years,ray ban wayfarer cheap, various absolute being the operation circle then is smooth, skilled,mens oakley sunglasses cheap, plus at this time Tang Fei's life and death don't Bu, the clock south completely cuts up rough one shot,lancel handbags in london, a that tries very hard to three Langs power, again is so easily and then can resist?
The Keng Qiang is a ,, that stanza gold whip finally still hard the sword completely offsetting this to work properly Xi point emanative sword spirit and plus a behind absolute being then way way,lancel bags in lebanon, momentary, that stanza gold whip is inhibitted hard move.
Several swords only one Shan but have no,, directly cut at that body that works properly an absolute being strong up, sword scar way way, though condition of the injury not heavy, but let that works properly absolute being strong not from for it stay back three, the eye is full is stunnedly stare at before fixing attention on this double eye have already become one red, the year man of one face murderous look.
"Seven seniors!You are all right!"
At this time, that back makes track for come of one stem breeze the thunder believe in of the pupil also finally felt, fully more than 30 the false absolute being is strong, get together, strong vehemence,,, even if is work properly absolute being strong also impossible with it contend for Feng!
If put at before, clock the south Be probably still knowing to living to fear to an idea, but now he but is to suddenly don't feel, on the face on the contrary sneer at repeatedly, hand Kuo sword once again in the hand, is just wanting to hurtle forward to, let go to greatly kill!
Suddenly that thunder sea it has been having no Tang Fei of action but had action.
"Cough ……"
The voice of a cough that suddenly spreads, let all of owners are one Leng, the clock south is also that the heart is happy, hurriedly follows that a cough spreads of the direction hoped all of a sudden in the past, as for those breeze thunders believe in of pupil then a stared greatly eyes, one face of hard believe.
Tang Fei is previous of the breathing be only a few clear to just just promote false absolute being soon, differed with their real strenght, drive such
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