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lancel 1876 taupe leaf Xiao sounded out for a while
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TOPIC: lancel 1876 taupe leaf Xiao sounded out for a while

lancel 1876 taupe leaf Xiao sounded out for a while 11 months, 1 week ago #107155

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Chapter 090 card Rowling rises in rank bronze
"Princess' his highness, very sorry bother you in this time!"Leaf Xiao after seeing beautiful silk of virtuous Luo comes straight to the point tunnel.
"You I didn't want these meaningless guests!Have what matter you keep saying!"Virtuous Luo beautiful silk also directly,
lancel 1876 taupe.
"Showed for recent these two days to take place in the park a lot of matters, believe that the report organization in the princess' his highness hand should also collect much data, I also know that princess' his highness wants to necessarily have a lot of problems to want to ask me, but I really have no time now."Leaf Xiao pulls the card Rowling's hand and push her to the virtuous Luo beautiful silk in front way:"Now I nearby of the persons are all very dangerous, so I have to promote grade for them with the quickest speed!This time to gather wealth building come be want to borrow° from princess' his highnes a secret room uses!"
Card Rowling gape, there is basically no interjectory opportunity,, she not understand why Pluto can talk with so bold tone and princess' his highness.
Virtuous Luo beautiful princess Si doesn't think Wu, Leng for a while, very simply tunnel:"Is all right!Mo Li Si, you take beautiful Ms. Si of Pa and card Ms. Rowling go to east side that secret room!"
"BE!"Mo Li Si imitates Buddha a shadow, from a certain dark corner in strain,, loudly in response to the way.
The Si leads the bottom,
lancel men wallet, leaf Xiao and card Rowling into to gather the wealth building third floor in Mo eastern a secret room of the side.The secret room isn't big, probably only ten several spaces of even rices,, leaf Xiao sounded out for a while, the soundproof effect in the secret room is still fairly good.
He pours is don't worry beautiful princess Si of virtuous Luo will in the secret that by this time detects him, because some matters he all sooner or later wants beautiful princess Si of a rightness of virtuous Luos public, no matter how it is,
shop louis vutton, now he has been able to be regarded as be thoroughly bound at the virtuous Luo beautiful princess Si's camp in, take to clearly print to record on the body.So,,
boutique lancel paris, this also means that he has to support beautiful princess Si of virtuous Luo mounts the throne for the glorious silver department the Tribal chief of the Qiu, otherwise any other persons ascend throne, he and he after death of He originally the households all by all means will encounter settlement.
Wait until the whole settled down of time,,
lancel bags, card Rowling is on the contrary nervous:"Pluto,
lancel bags for men, you really can like this promote grade for me?"
Leaf Xiao smiled to say with smile:"Certainly, your real strenght to build up, I can also trust, because now I already drive Pu Lin Si Ji push in wave point in the place with a draught and connect down to meet of dangerous will more and more, but soon I want to leave to show a park again and help the virtuous Luo beautiful princess Si to look for a treasure to hide after, if till then wait you
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