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sac lancel 1er flirt seven night
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TOPIC: sac lancel 1er flirt seven night

sac lancel 1er flirt seven night 11 months, 1 week ago #106919

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The Fen seems to be extremely harmonious.
"Ha ha, if seven nights eldest brother the words liked need a meeting, I send you more some also no harm."The Luo breeze says with smile:"Seven night eldest brother, do you say that the meeting of those people can't beat?"
"Affirm to beat."Sigh a way for seven nights:"Is all some hypocrites of pose as person of high moralities, on putting the absolute being sword in front of them now, if doing not beat is just strange.However should can't confused conflict, till the last affirmative is the method used to have a competition to battle out absolute being sword, who strong who get."
"Ha ha, the world is so realistic, the weak at the mercy of the strong, Yao everywhere the person is strong, want Yao drive deceit."The Luo breeze wry smile way:"There is a real strenght just there being right to speak."
"Ha ha, Luo breeze brothers, you don't be also disappointed, with you are on the sword way of fix for, if the self-discipline arrive fairy emperor state and maneuver an evil demon of fairy by that time Buddha ghost the night is six boundaries, absolute 5 people gram enemy, you are robbing back to would be when the time comes."Finished saying to recruit out their own accessorieses for seven nights, :"Think I in those early years just ascend evil boundary of time, I these seven nights, sword then drive grab, afterwards I was direct to kill all of those people, seven night, sword also come back."
"Good sword, the sky class absolute being machine, the cold lights all gather in the sword point, sword, can at moment promote all power, think necessarily for seven nights, eldest brother self-discipline of should be similar pull out the sword method of swordsmanship."
"Luo breeze brothers, good taste, my self-discipline is to pull out sword to cut evil magic, , , "
Chapter 224:The weak at the mercy of the strong shows the truth, green jade water absolute being sword falls who house(up)
Chapter 224:The weak at the mercy of the strong shows the truth, green jade water absolute being sword falls who house(up)
"Brothers good taste, my self-discipline cuts a demon to pull out swordsmanship."Seven night way.
"If words like this, I think for seven nights, the eldest brother should still lack a scabbard of a sword?"The Luo breeze asks a way.
"Is quite good, the seven nights sword had a scabbard of a sword before and had already unfortunately been afterwards ruined to go to."Say this, don't know for seven nights why look in the eyes a dark, seem to be thinking of in the past, again or is being ruined for scabbard of a sword but sad.
"Seven night eldest brother, I can refine a scabbard of a sword for you, however I have no material, this wants you to seek by yourself."
"Really?"Seven night pleased way, if have 1 can go together with last seven nights absolute being sword of scabbard of a sword, that cut the power that the demon pulled out swordsmanship to promote 100% not only.
"Certainly, however seven night eldest brother, refining 1 can match for seven nights, the scabbard of a sword of absolute being sword settles however is also an absolute being machine, this material not easy collections."The Luo breeze sighs a way.
"I these years travel over six boundaries, the material collecting doesn't in the minority pour and hope to raise together."
"That good, seven night eldest brother, you display for a while your to cut a demon to pull out swordsmanship, must develop the attack of the strongest, so then I can chase
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