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gucci sukey medium worry all several days don't asleep feel
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TOPIC: gucci sukey medium worry all several days don't asleep feel

gucci sukey medium worry all several days don't asleep feel 11 months, 1 week ago #106468

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With constantly and continuously create to accept profits,
gucci sukey medium, said again, gave Ma Si basically enough money,
ray ban wayfarer ii, so thinking didn't also think and refused ten thousand promise Si procuring of groups very determinedly.
Ten thousand promise Si the group see an arrival softly don't go,
cheap ray ban, transformation way, directly send a person to threaten to give Ma Si.
Ten thousand the promise Si group real strenght is strong, also the big financial group for canning count in the whole M country,
lancel mini flirt, give Ma Si to know oneself not to be taunted, intentionally avoid, have never thought ten thousand promise Si the group is really a ghost don't spread, directly send a person to come home to give Ma Si and at last and more beat a hand in the threat.
Expose silk for the sake of this matter, worry all several days don't asleep feel, cause almost to faint at school.
Today if not that Lin San's good heartses send to dew silk to go home, giving Ma Si will definitely eat big Kui.
Listen to the explication of finishing the dew silk, Lin San's eyebrows is tiny wrinkly to get up:"This'ten thousand promise Sis'the group is really too exorbitant of, the battle wears oneself's real strenght strong, can at will humiliate a person!"
Gave Ma Si to sigh tone:"Now this society be so, the weak at the mercy of the strong, your real strenght is bad, will be humiliated."
Lin San pondered for a while:"They openly intrude into private address and also raise hand to fight and have already violated law, I see still report to the police."
Give Ma Si to shake:"Is useless, ten thousand promise Si the group is in the local influence very of big,, the back contains a lot of officials' support, the police doesn't dare to take care of."
"That directly seeks news agency and ascends the newspaper to the behavior of ten thousand promise Si group basenesses, as long as making affair greatly,
lancel handbags prices, ten thousand promise Sis the group will refrain from rash action a lot, perhaps and till then, the government will also participate this matter."The meaning of the dew silk is easy, is fought by social public opinion ten thousand promise Si group.
Lin San also nods approval.
Give a Ma Si wry smile way:"If we did really and like this and estimated that the life is about to be threatenned,"
Expose silk one Leng:" Ten thousand promise Si can the group also kill us?"
See one eye dew silk, give Ma Si to say:"You maybe not know that ten thousand promise Si group in addition to getting the officials of the government to support, return to collaborate with with black influence mutually."
"Black influence,
ray ban ray ban wayfarer,"Expose silk eyebrows a wrinkly:"It is black.Help?"
"As I see it, ten thousand promise Si the group and the region is the biggest of black.Killing for sky will relate to closely, you probably and never hear through sky to kill a meeting, sky's killing will is a gang with very huge influence, the means is malicious hot, give offense to the person whom the sky kills a meeting, there is all no good end, before have a millionaire gave offense to a sky to kill meeting, the second day disappear,, so far didn't find out that rich man, according to I guess, that rich man must be killed by the sky will kill."Is at the mention of sky of to kill a meeting,, give Ma Si's facial expression some hair white.
Expose silk still to hear for the first time"the sky kill
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