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lancel flirt although can't directly to gold rare at the hopeless situation
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TOPIC: lancel flirt although can't directly to gold rare at the hopeless situation

lancel flirt although can't directly to gold rare at the hopeless situation 11 months ago #106369

  • vmrbfkdn01
,, To Han Shan, also have no to the value of the war at 1:00.
Naturally the gold in nowadays is rare, even if is the gold of golden age rare, the real strenght is to have no Han Shan Qiang.Han Shan Zhi uses a person article achievement method, and few spirit way explosion dint, can easily kill off a gold rare.Besides,, on Han Shan Shen also have uncle Yang to his secret weapon, that several pieces work properly a machine.
Lift soon shoe,
lancel flirt, still wear till now on Han Shan's feet,
boutique lancel 77, in any time, Han Shan can pass this shoes, quickly move.Still have a sky, the night shield is also always foolish in Han Shan's pubic region, if Han Shan really run into hard accept of attack of time, night shield in the sky will automatically open defense and help Han Shan the shot for resisting to come from the external world to snuff out dint.And surprised absolute being sting, then Han Shan is the theest most important currently, is also need to be kept secret of work properly a machine.This works properly a machine in the turning point, can have a very important function.Han Shan at easily time, can't take out an use.
And these, can say, is all Han Shan to finally protect a life sign,, even if is need not these, deal with a gold rare,
lancel handbags online, with lend Han Shan the real strenght of the oneself, also all right already.
So for gold rare, Han Shan basically has no superfluous of viewpoint.
Just that makes moves all of a sudden, Han Shan also has no to display very heavy strength intentionally,, while Han Shan is also understand, he that for a while,
louis vuitton discount bags, although is pre-eminent,is the life that can't directly make the gold fasten.
Connect down, the gold is throughout rare whether can live, Be about to see his control breath.
Just that for a while, although can't directly to gold rare at the hopeless situation, the possibility for canning will also make the gold rare to have no to act again.If the gold hopes of teammate, that dynasty moreover more than ten individuals who believe in in the sky, can come to words that find out gold's hopes in time, that he can also keep on living, can if nobody to save, just as you please gold rare over there,, that ……
Then only having dead end is a .
Chapter 127 all is quiet
"Here ……"
Han Shan walks to this, at present, unexpectedly have no a tree any further.
Even if was those halfs to just are burnt, and completely burnt of tree, is also have no a .
Front of road, be livinged by the life of develop similar,
lancel bags for men.
Han Shan holds back breath to concentrate and collects the voice on all sides, but ……
All is quiet,
lancel bags brigitte bardot price!
Here unexpectedly is a silk voices all have no.Of the whole world, seems to have no voice interest general.
Han Shan turns rounds and sees after death, those tree, tree branch, leaf, also all is a connect to slightly flutter to all have no on every occasion.
"Unexpectedly even has no light breeze here."
See at present prospects, Han Shan not from must watch out for, circumstance like this, he
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