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sent out to deal with a miscellaneous matter.
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TOPIC: sent out to deal with a miscellaneous matter.

sent out to deal with a miscellaneous matter. 11 months, 1 week ago #106092

  • yrgaxysbhe
This, for these of the front door send underneath influence, he thinks mercilessly the Cheng cures some kind of.
Zhuo feather and three lords in the island followed five lords in the island to arrive at a living room in, this living room isn't luxurious,, but very cultured, it is thus clear that those five lords in the island are a tasty person, in the living room,ray ban avaitor,, the Zhuo feather saw the pupil that that true sun believes in, is the real strenght of the nature and man rank, and is an old, see to is that that kind of is hopeless to get into to fly the pupil of rising the territory, sent out to deal with a miscellaneous matter.
Those three lords in the island see here unexpectedly still have a person, and still the person whom he acquaints with very much, be regarded as true sun to believe in an elder that exclusively handles a miscellaneous matter, although looking a position is higher, many people all understand, although the person like this returns be believed in by the true sun heavy use,be judged by the true sun religion can not get in to fly to rise a territory.
"Is elder, good recently?You come to don't say 1 with me as well."Three lord Lang in the islands say with smile, although he is smiling all over, but he is worried that the Zhuo feather will accidentally lose, if is so, so he will bother very much.
Other island lords all know that he is the words of disabled person, so he will be opened by a feet Chuai, even is to kill him, because he also knows many secrets of these island lords.
That elder sees Zhuo feather, tiny tiny one Leng, because he knows the person who can hide breathing, the real strenght is all very quite good, because that achievement method can make people own great power
"This is ……" he looking at Zhuo feathers to say.
"I am to left for to look for to fly to rise a set to pass by a this place person, work properly a stone to lack,, so I intended to work properly a stub that I just got a medicine to sell and let me acquired to enough work properly a stone, can look for that to fly to rise Taiwan."The Zhuo feather is light on saying with smile,,lancel bags price, took out that bead to send forth the small grass of verdant ray of light.
See this stub take working properly of heavy spiritual influence medicine, that elder and five lords in the island are all at present a bright, they is naturally to know the person of goods, is like this kind of to work properly a medicine if take to make pill,cheap oakley baseball sunglasses, can refine the Dan medicine of very high grade.
"Indeed as expected is a stub to work properly a medicine, I unexpectedly don't know this stub to work properly the name of medicine and see to settle however is a very rarely seen category."Those three lords in the island intentionally marvel 1.At this time he and then was full of confidence to the Zhuo feather.
If say here kill off these 2 people, Zhuo feather is have that real strenght, only fight with two nature and man ranks, explosion come out of action very big,discount wholesale oakley sunglasses, the meeting leads other island lords, so the Zhuo feather wants silently a them to solve.
"Hey Hey,sac adjani lancel, I know five stone of working properly of younger brotherseses many,ray ban sunglasses aviator,, so I took him to come over!"That
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