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gafas ray ban "Is very smelly
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TOPIC: gafas ray ban "Is very smelly

gafas ray ban "Is very smelly 11 months, 1 week ago #105743

  • aznszukh60
The voice loosens to open a bald man, want to come forward to save an ancient Jia orchid.
"Want to walk?Which have so easily."The bald man suddenly stretched hand to hold tight Lin San.
"You give me loose to open!"Lin San Nu drinks a way.
"Is loose to open?You just not is want to pick with my list?I agreed now, come."The bald man sneers at a way.
"Mama of!"Lin San understood working hard of bald inclemency, this wanted to drag along oneself and let so much his companion to thou the Jia orchid is disadvantageous.
The bald man dies to grasp Lin San's hands, double feet dish's then living Lin San's small of the back to let Lin San can not start.
Lin San anyway puts out strength a flounder, can't flounce bald the man's tie and see an ancient Jia orchid more and more dangerous, Lin San is thoroughly hasty, on lowering the head,
gafas ray ban, opened mouth and then bitted at the bald man's nose, the blood in a twinkling was full of Lin San's mouth, and followed a corner of mouth slowly run off.
"!!"The bald man painfully doesn't already shout loudly, stretches hand and then starts tapping Lin San's head and back and hopes to make Lin San loose to open a mouth.
Lin San this time is descend cruel, regardless bald man how tap him, Lin San is a loose mouth not, on the contrary and still and just and continuously add dint.
"Oh!!!"The bald man's eyes suddenly and fiercely one Zheng,
john lennon sunglasses ray ban, immediately after body upwards on standing, directly faint.
Lin San raises head, the inside vomits a half piece from the mouth nose head,
cheap oakley sunglasses sale,, stretched hand to put on to put on a mouth:"Is very smelly!"Finish scolding, Lin San climbs from the bald body, rapid of dynasty thou the Jia orchid run over there.
See a bald man again, the nose is barren, Leng drive Lin San bite off half nose,
oakley cheap sunglasses, at this time nose just at continuous of go toward to outside emit blood,
lancel mademoiselle adjani, the appearance frightens a person very much.
The thou Jia orchid is very distress,, continuously avoid being seen the attack of two youth persons at this time, the clothes broke, the hair is disorderly, there is still quite a few way chafing on the arm, every time thou the Jia orchid think dynasty the front door run to, two youths will come up to contain,, can't, thou the Jia orchid have to dynasty hall in run to,
ray ban 3449, Be running and starting to copy the chair in the hall, vase dynasty two youths hurl and obstruct making track for of two youthses shot thus.
The market in fact has a few public securities of, but these public securities are all some persons who have never been subjected to professional training, none of courages is very big,, early be frightenned by the situations of hall silly,, basically don't dare to come up a salvage thou Jia orchid.
"Ah!"The thou Jia orchid foot a slippery, suddenly fall down in the ground.
Two youth facial expressions that make track for shot a pleased, quickly take the knife dynasty thou Jia the orchid stabbed pass by.
Thou Jia the orchid is surprised to shout a , peep out despairing air on the face.
"Sou!"A dark shadow suddenly flees to come over and rush toward at thou the body of the Jia orchid up.
Two knives of youths immediately all firm at
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