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lancel bags paris we hurriedly leave
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TOPIC: lancel bags paris we hurriedly leave

lancel bags paris we hurriedly leave 11 months ago #105735

  • zanpdnge96
The vision also changed, she stood up and hug to sit on the chair of fly son, vent the grief and indignation in the heart together.
"The elder brother doesn't cry!"The feeling son says.Sun in Europe flies eyes that water of the feeling son that the son looking at a winter works properly and immediately feels an in the mind is warmth very much, it is in the bosom to block her.
"Elder brother, I in fact come from the home break out of."Fly son to looking at feeling son to stare big eyes, imitate a Buddha not to believe.The feeling son continues to say:"I am in fact the person of ghost boundary, I father the king is a ghost Wang Li all big emperor, although I am expensive is a princess, but two younger brothers usually humiliate me, so I came for the break out of, as for mother empress ……she was closed by the father, I already a lot of years of have never seen her.I father the king is very suddenly and violently fierce, the ghost boundary is tossed about by his strict government of not presentable son, the mother is also usually crumpled Lin by him behind, afterwards I really can not away with, so rush out, because the treasure had the ghost boundary boundary in the town on my body'touch with spiritual jade Die', so no matter who can not find out me as well as see my identity.I fix to do time still short, small, can not keep on living so just steal of ……"
Sun in Europe flies son Zhang Zhu Da Dun's mouth always, silly stare blankly of looking at feeling son to finish saying her background.The winter feeling son raises a hand to start to give his mouth and roar with laughter of looking at him, wait for his disillusion coming over.
" ……Feeling son, that, we hurriedly leave, not elder brother Feng will become nervous!"Sun in Europe's flying son is awake to come over from the surprise and looking at smiling all over of of feeling son, his face cans not help red, affair suddenly think of elder brother Feng to hand over to treat again, quickly of say.
"Boon, that we leave!"The winter feeling son pulls to fly the hand of son and comes out to settle Ya Ju Ya.Fly son be pulled by the feeling son to begin and is a burst of to blush up to the ears, he doesn't know as well by himself he is how, without cause of increase heart beats, and mix body hot and dry.
Fly son to get a winter the feeling son get into sun noble family in Europe, the feeling son just looks in all directions but has no surprise in the eye, and it is what appearance to fly son to come back to just see careful this time today own house.Is dark to sigh in his heart, rich have the person of power is different from the general civilian common people, what to live is the hall set building Ge, what to eat is a delicacies from land and sea, but those poor people are even houses to break tile, simple fare.The margin is such of big!If fix really from now on, oneself must do some affairs of what lies in one's powers for those destitute common people!
Feeling son but don't notice the variety of flying the son air, continued to look about beautiful landscape.
"How do you just come back?Fly son, you hurriedly come over, we amount of company some affairs!"Sun Feng in Europe right against the face says.After he returns to a home immediately notify parents, saying can immediately start on journey to go to Mt. Heaven demon field, never so
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