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sac lancel great anger bring up a wolf tooth the stick separate empty bomb bottom
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TOPIC: sac lancel great anger bring up a wolf tooth the stick separate empty bomb bottom

sac lancel great anger bring up a wolf tooth the stick separate empty bomb bottom 11 months, 1 week ago #105708

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Bomb into mud, fall to the ground just like the megalith similar, hit a profound big pit on the ground.
Sung clearly stuffy hum a , facial expression one white a red, scared not already:"This leaves to fly feather to claim to be to leave cloud 18 very of head, indeed as expected had some it place."
These 2 people this action, immediately caused a confused conflict, more than 110s of Sung house were strong, right away and Wu Jia of public fight together,, confusion unbearable on the condition.
See this Sung again clear, but be left to fly dragging along of prison in the feather prison.Sung disgraces Nu clearly difficult be, great anger bring up a wolf tooth the stick separate empty bomb bottom!The every act and move all has the Wei ability of easy Sui 2 F strong:"Leave to fly feather, give you the face don't ,
sac lancel, you give me dying!"
Matchless and heavy stick bombs to come down, the Gang spirit gobbles up the Ning as matchless power,, a stick bombs martial hospital wall in the house just like crack open by explosion similar, explodes a surprised sky of threatening force to bomb however tumbles down.
Have never left again to fly feather of voice, Sung doesn't already laugh wildly clearly:"Kill for me, kill light force family,
lancel romania, the chicken dog doesn't stay!"
"Shine on a lord to say of do, soon war soon definitely."The eye sees Sung clearly on recruiting to kill in fighting to leave to fly feather, the Sung square knows today this beam son, be regarded as the knot descended.
At the moment only and soon fight soon definitely, just can having of keeping intact of the biggest degree Sung house living strength.
He immediately despises sneer and pulls out knife sheath, a short moment fierce very big prosperous, the way the way knife long grass surging dances in the wind to sweep public toward Wu Jia:"I see these ordinary mortals how to block live!Ha ha ha."
Have no hard not the knife long grass of Cui, just like the most terrible sharp weapon, roar and shout to cut to go, cut Wu Jia private home's hospital wall temporarily fragmented and disorganized,
lancel 1er flirt prix, everywhere all is ruins.
The momentary blood brightens prosperous, unexpectedly have martial son Lang in the house that numerous real strenght don't help be split to cut under this terrible knife long grass two slices of, the blood becomes river.
Solve language Yan to wait a person facial expression upheaval,,
outlet louis vuitton, they didn't thought of that Sung unexpectedly really dare fly feather to start towards leaving clearly, at this time, the enemy who also is to release hand and foot, and come to make gets entangled in fighting 1.
Leave to fly feather is come to help, but was subjected to this unexpected calamity first,
loui vuitton bag, does the solution language Yan waits person to have the heart to do it?
The breeze of easy Jin 1 F not two and wolf fire, the solution language of the easy Jin 4 F Yan, and the month that can develop easy Sui 2 F real strenght Gu Li, all facing enemy, flew a body to rush toward up,
collection lancel, rush toward a food just like the hungry tiger, the male eagle catches a rabbit.
Be that as it may, Wu Jia's one party is still the few can not fight the many,, they combine to not too suffer a los in the real strenght,, month the war capability of the Gu Li is good enough to ability and Sung clear a war, solve language Yan also unwillingly can at Sung square of the subordinate walk a few rounds, as for other persons, but because the margin on the number made Sung house have to the utmost the last breeze.
100 martials in Sung house of many ten easy Jin state really aren't a cover;The martial empire is
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