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louis vuitton designer purses set wear a Shan wears silver white ray of light of ring
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TOPIC: louis vuitton designer purses set wear a Shan wears silver white ray of light of ring

louis vuitton designer purses set wear a Shan wears silver white ray of light of ring 11 months ago #105617

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These people be of, since want to join a crowd for fun, truely noisy come of time again frighten half dead, run about aimlessly everywhere, have no a courage have no skill,
louis vuitton designer purses, don't be blind to join in the fun!
"Someone comes to save me!Too good!Ha ha!"This is Ling Tian Chu's first mind."Brush!"The sword spirit voice being a relentless once rowed and bound Ling Tian Chu's rope to echo but break.Immediately after, the small hand that would is one only some coarsenesses starts to pull Ling Tian Chu:"Big elder walk quickly!"
"H'm?Is a female kid!?"Hear sounds,
lancel maroquinerie, Ling Tian Chu this just knows to save his to unexpectedly is a woman with not old age!And, also call him big elder?
"Mess!These idiots fell into trap!"Ling Tian Chu responds to come over right away:"They receive my head,
lancel handbags 2012, is to want to make me set up for big elder, lead these idiots to save!"
"You fell into trap!Walk quickly!"Ling Tian Chu loudly roars a way.Although and the nothing important friendship of these people, but as the person of a "docile",, he would not like to save his person's dying in front of him.The somebody else is also a good heart good intentions be not?Always can not helplessly looking at a somebody else dead?
"Surround them,, a don't pass!"The voice of that Azrael again rings out.
Ling Tian Chu a take cover away to he or she the black cloth on the head, peep out his that thief slips away of head and that bright shifty look of thief bright thief.
"How to isn't a big elder,
lancel 1876 prix?"Several receives noodles the person stare at Ling Tian Chu and are like people in nowadays to see a primate in the zoo,
lancel mens.
"Even does he know that you fell into trap,
lancel french flair,you haven't made it's understand?This street side picks up of small mendicant, is that I intentionally put to lead the bait that you come out here!"Ling Tian Chu finally sees clear, the voice of Azrael sends out from shape extreme the haleness of the white man the man.Measure by himself/herself by Ling Tian Chu,, this person's width is how of 2 times, fully than oneself tall 23s aren't only!Specially draw what Ling Tian Chu noticed BE,, on his hand, set wear a Shan wears silver white ray of light of ring!
"Does the silver class chain quit teacher?This next the affair made big!"Can know from male Sun Hai's words, come to a silver class chain to quit teacher and be placed in four classes and have 40% of the opponents that the persons aren't this guy most at least!See these reckless guys,, should can't someone is another 60%!
About several hundred beautiful and blue soldiers round Ling Tian Chu and these black dress persons.As long as they just a little on moving, these soldiers then will cruel as predatory animally rush toward!
"The words that don't think to be dead all let go of weapon to surrender!"
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