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certainly the identity of summer Lan is special
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TOPIC: certainly the identity of summer Lan is special

certainly the identity of summer Lan is special 11 months, 1 week ago #105421

  • guauycgr46
Long Tian Qi, I want to carry on a life and death war with you, you dare to meet challenge to battle!"
The life and death war is both parties to carry on combat,lancel flirt bag, until has the one party the dying to just stop.
"Ha ha,, have what don't dare, I answered!When, however you in now deadly poison, estimating can not support how long."The cachinnation way of Long Tian Qi.
"Is after for a month!I ain't mortal,, I will continue to keep on living, and I must personally kill your thing of this like a swine!"The Zhuo feather Nu voice roars a way.
The Yang pain in his body also disappeared a lot, that work properly the bead is absorbing inside his body of poisonous gas.
"Do you want to kill me?Ha ha ……too funny, you still don't know our Long Jia have much strong!"Long Tian Qi faces upward cachinnation to get up.
"Ha ha …… ha ha ……" Zhuo feather suddenly laughs wildly whole body and burst kneeling of down, eyes redly looking at Long Tian Qi, finger the sky, laugh wildly to roar a way:"If I Zhuo feather swear, this present life don't kill Long Tian Qi,gucci handbag sale, immortalization Long Jia,, I Zhuo feather,oakley cheap sunglasses, necessarily encounter for a sky, the thunderclap splits,, ten thousand arrowses wear heart,oakley sunglasses polarized, don't die a natural death, forever and ever all do a cow to do a horse."
This voice that takes matchless grudge gets about the whole Wu Chang of comparing and even still get about one lesser half Jing Wu Yuan!
He but with the mentality plus a gold just inside achievement of, voice must big!
Chapter 43 dead invite
Mix up with mentality in the voice of Zhuo feather, so all was infected many people!Many people can feel the grudge of Zhuo feather heart, however none of them is optimistic about Zhuo feather, even think Zhuo feather mental disorder.
"He went crazy, put out Long Jia?None of Dong Jia dares to say so!"
"Be ah!I see him still don't know that Long Jia has how much inborn Wu Zhe."
"Is alas,,cheap lancel, all strange Long Tian Qi was has gone too far in insult."
After Long Tian Qi is a burst of and startled, cachinnation 1:"Ha ha, though you come be!"Flick Xiu to walk later on person.
The Zhuo feather trailed with cuts and bruises all over body to walk back in his/her own courtyard, no one handed him, also no one dares to close to him,oakley sunglasses, because he asks for the next enemy house is really too many, as long as not silly persons can't touch him this disaster star of, in case recruit to a fatal disaster.
If Long Jia takes charge of a big Chang dynasty he and big Jin dynasties all have many sonses Wu Yuan at the Jing in, if who relate to with Zhuo feather like, quasi- will be stared at the last, certainly the identity of summer Lan is special, she basically doesn't fear to these.
The Zhuo feather returned to inside in own house, while his condition of the injuries all stabilized down and just needed to be added in great quantities, however he got
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