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TOPIC: felt that that very hot tea soup followed to flow 1 turn in it

http://raybanrb2140originalway​ felt that that very hot tea soup followed to flow 1 turn in it 11 months ago #105391

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More toward Xu Ze Xiao smile,, then signal hint him to follow to come over.
2 people sit down in a small arbor of hospital Cape along with the old man, soon then someone respectully deliver three cup teas.Then leave.
Old man Wu wears mouth pure cough two, then but is point at cup to say with smile two", Ze to taste, this tea-leaf thinks at the beginning but master son in your house with difficulty from I here grab several two,, hide heel baby,
discount louis vuitton bags, only afraid is that you also taste not much"s toward Xu Ze
"Thank grandpa Li!"Xu Ze is lookinging at that tea and drinks however 23 slices of leaves, but is but wear an exotic fragrance,, at that moment light oh wear that light tea that spread joss-stick,
lancel travel bags price, once the at heart move and smiled to order to nod.Then way:"This deep red tunic my house's master son, even cherish, I also once tasted two"
"Have twice also quite good that old Tang look still true quite good to you,, only afraid is Tang Guo Rui don't also drink 12 times!"The old man lightly smiles to nod a way:"This tea-leaf can not also produce 2 catties for a year.Everyone respectively divides last 1:00, not much.Annually return is a big guy to know that I like this trifle.All let to order, I this just has a big head."
At that moment the old man carries cup and put a mouth side.Slightly absorb tone after, this just satisfied ground to lightly close lightly an one mouthful.
Looking at an old man to drink tea, Xu Ze this also just starts to carry cup and slightly smelt after smelling tea joss-stick, also followed to lightly close lightly 1, felt that that very hot tea soup followed to flow 1 turn in it
Although he was no longer a Ren time to drink this tea, that mouthful stays joss-stick to still allow Xu Ze to feel aftertaste endless
Looking at this old a little, 2 people infatuate with of facial expression, Lee of the one side more carried tea to drink an one mouthful, but was a full face the ground feel deeply about,
gucci bags sale, he to this trifle really is a sensitive not and very,
lancel miss adjani, although feel this tea but is compared with the another tea, entirely different taste,
lancel wallet price, say,also have no too many special places to him.
Helplessly the old man wry smile wears to looking at own of baby's grandson, this deep red tunic give he.Can really be regarded as a cow to chew peony
"Cough,, cough old Tang now body how?"The old man smiles to looking at Xu Ze, way.
"The body of master son, has already compared now much better before" Xu Ze Dan smiled a way.
"Is much better?.Old man Yang Yang eyebrow.The Wu wore mouth stem to cough two, but is looking at Xu Ze to say with smile:"Does not his angina pectoris deliver?"
Xu Ze nods a way very honestly:"
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