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TOPIC: The text chapter 1124 wants to infuse to inebriate me

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Own name pleases the young master of other five greatest households to come home that again is can at banker show for a while.Very thin abacus in the Chuang beats ring very much.
The Meng righteousness sits on very thin flank in the Chuang him a pay the male host's appearance"each brothers you sit feel at home and then be here is that your house is similar."Finish saying he towards thin bewitching smile in the Chuang again.Don't know why this period of time,, thin good elephant in the Chuang how don't manage his net,
lancel mini flirt,, he made several telephone Chuang call thin all said to don't vacate to have fun.
The Chuang is thin to say to think that the young master that invite other households has a meal to want this year sky the birthday cocktail party Meng righteousness that make them go to their own house next week to take part in a father right away clap chest to promise this affair to wrap on him.Hence Meng righteousness right away call other four people with them invite at noon in glorious honored guest's building in the hotel then him and then make a phone call for thin Chuang to please achievement.
After everyone came the Meng righteousness calls to again attendant no matter very thin face in the Chuang up have a little face of resentment, he ordered vegetables to still want two bottles of good wine in person."Each brothers is thin to occupy to seek everyone today, she invites everyone to have a meal you felt at home to want to eat what though tell me."The Meng righteousness embraces a boxing to say to everyone.
The text chapter 1124 wants to infuse to inebriate me
"Is thin to pay you beside blind call what,
louis vuitton online outlet,"The history has never liked spirit ground generally small voice to whisper.
"The history governs you to say what?"Although the history says generally small voice Meng righteousness still hear,
The history governs to nowise show to infirmly stare Meng righteousness"I am to say if you love so show off a short while help thin pay to pay and then go."
The Meng righteousness point nods to loudly say:"This completely has no problem, I am having this idea to help thin pay to invite what everyone had a meal isn't several 10000 pieces is a mere trifle in my eyes.But don't seem to be some persons that even several 10000 pieces could not take as well to still say what six greatest households of person ugly dead."This period of time Meng righteousness and leaf the big Wei did many side door businesses to earn a great deal of money, he talked of the bottom annoy foot also many.
"Feed Meng righteousness,,
lancel deutschland, you don't want to think I is well humiliate of tiger not Wei were you the cat of disease?"The history governs to in anger stand up.Although he now not make track for a Chuang thin the Fan smoke is a very thin Chuang friend by himself/herself also not ability at her in front downfall breeze.
"I humiliate you how again?Commode do you have skill to beat me,
oakley sunglasses for men?Or we go out to seek a place list to pick."The Meng righteousness also stands up to stare a history to govern,,
shop louis vutton.
The in that manner history that looking at Meng righteousness had some heart Qie generally oneself beat with Meng righteousness which dozen lead he?Meng righteousness you have a skill heel
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