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TOPIC: Jiangsu Mao

Jiangsu Mao 11 months, 1 week ago #101680

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​​Lianyungang bought 17 apartment units, did not say in the next five years. Suffered the two cattle property management Fanchuang go replace locks, the owners of the house privately rented to others. The property management company should safeguard the rights of residential property owners, Lianyungang, there is such a property management company staff, they not only failed to safeguard property owners rights, and have actually secretly not at home while the owners perennial, Fanchuang burglary replace all 17 sets Apartments lock cylinder, in the case without the consent of the owners actually privately external rental apartments to others for profit. Discovered by the owners, the development company that the behavior of the property management personnel belong to the individual behavior, it is recommended that owners take the judicial process. Lawyers, 17 houses are all changing locks should be a substantial and behavior can not be completed within a short period of time, property companies should carry out effective supervision, in this event, the property company suspected mismanagement. Master silly to buy the 17 suites,louboutin, five years no longer intervene suddenly one day, I heard that was leased! Mr. Cloud, the complainant told reporters that he is Jiangyin. 2005 time of soaring house prices, on August 29 that year at the recommendation of a friend, he came to the coastal city of Lianyungang, Lianyungang 21 century tombolo Gold Coast Resort Building 7 at once spent nearly 350 million purchase of 17 sets of Apartments, houses delivered on October 18 of that year. 17 houses are hardcover room is ready to be used to invest in him to get the house and the family never lived. Then back to the Jiangyin home before the 17 sets of apartment doors and windows are locked properly. Mr. Cloud, on the 5th of this month, he suddenly received a telephone call, Mr,hogan outlet, let him not house rented out to others, and want to be able to rent his house. Cloud Mr,hogan outlet. hear confused and quickly said he never wanted the house to anyone, and repeatedly showed that 17 sets of his new house is ready to invest, never external rental. Unexpectedly, the other's words scared him daylights, the other said: two days ago to see a few houses in the cloud Mr. arrival,hogan. Enough cattle property management Fanchuang change the locks on rental right to your house, this is the next 9:00,toms shoes, we dry cloud and his wife, Ms. Liu quickly reached by car Lianyungang surprised to see two of his 17 apartments sets, the door turned out to be the open, there are guests in the living. He tried to use the key to open the other 15 apartments door and found that most of can not open. "I was angry Mongolia, to find a property management company." Two property management staff even admitted without hesitation, they open the door. Mr. Cloud said,toms outlet, he found the property management companies Rooms Division Zhu. Zhu told him indeed and Engineering Department Mengmou Fanchuang change the locks ", but recognizes only open 7 apartments. Under the leadership of Mr. Cloud, yesterday, the reporter came to view his 17 apartments. Reporters found that both water stains on the indoor coffee table, bathroom shower faucet damage, new television sets are used,hollister, a lot of room Simmons mattress is damaged and could not find some room air conditioning remote control ...... from Mr. Yun copy of each room meter degree point of view, the electricity consumption of 17 units of apartments ranging from 65 degrees to 140 degrees, which is enough to prove that each set of rooms are rented. "This is my new home, since only, after our own right,longchamp, willing to live." Mr. Yun said painfully. The reporter was informed that the district has a total of more than 1,000 suites, more than 50 sets of owners of long-term occupancy. An owners Mr. Choi said, the district had individual owners come across such a thing, but then are nothing. How to end this Property management companies to distance themselves: They personal behavior! In order to find out the ins and outs of the matter,ray ban uk, the morning of the 11th, reporters rushed to Lianyungang 21st century tombolo Gold Coast resort property management company for an interview. Learned that reporters had come, the property company said a staff member: "Zhu and Mengmou have company suspended from their duties, and now do not know where they were." If, as the property said, the house locks be swapped then was transferred rent regarding Zhu, Meng two individuals, Zhu,ray ban pas cher, Meng two processing company, then the behavior of the two was also during his employment as a property company Could not bear some responsibility When raised by reporters looking for the property company person in charge of the Office of Minister Li informed the the property staff replied: He errands go, do not know when to come back. "4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, according to Mr. Cloud phone , the reporter contacted Minister Li, Minister Li said, he did not quite understand, he did not "Alone", reporters looking for his leadership to understand the situation. Subsequently, the reporter twists and turns to find the one the Chus responsible for people in Nanjing 21st Century Investment Group Subei Area. Mr. Zhu said, as Lianyungang 21st century tombolo Gold Coast Resort cell developers, the property management company is to serve them, therefore, they have regulatory responsibility. After he learned about it, I feel that things are more serious, and also learned that Zhu, rental owners Mengmou two houses is a personal act, totally unaware of the property management company, rental operating income is not turned over to the company. Later,louboutin pas cher, Zhu,ray ban, Meng two men Mr. Zeng Yuyun representations, expressed willingness to to 3-50000 yuan compensation fee, but was the refusal of Mr. Cloud. Mr. Chu has repeatedly stressed that any property management company can not authorize their employees to do the job of such a thing,toms outlet, Zhu, Meng complaint, the company has made interdicted two processing. Because the behavior of the two is a matter of personal behavior, he suggested that Mr. Cloud to protect their own interests through legal channels. In the case of the two sides to coordinate to no avail, August 10,oakley pas cher, Mr. Cloud border police station rushed to Lianyungang tombolo the matter, the police are still processing the matter for further investigation. Lawyers point of view: the suspected mismanagement, three dozen lines! This matter, property companies really have no further responsibility A member of the China Law Society, Jiangsu Mao, director of law firm lawyers said Liu Mao Tong, about property management personnel such behavior a serious violation of the ownership and use rights of the owners of the houses. Property in case there is no evidence to prove their knowledge, or staff personal behavior, the staff shall be determined in the performance of their duties, the responsibility borne by the property company. Moreover, 17 housing units were to convert all lock should be a substantial and behavior can not be completed within a short period of time, property companies should carry out effective supervision, in this event, the property company suspected mismanagement. Mao-Law analysis pointed out that the provisions of Article 39 of the Constitution: "the inviolability of the home of the citizens of the People's Republic of China. Prohibit illegal searches or illegal intrusion into the residences of citizens." Criminal "245" illegal intrusion into others' houses, at three years of imprisonment or criminal detention, the staff pick locks without the consent of the owners, the owners room, suspected of the crime of illegal intrusion into residential, relevant personnel could face criminal penalties. Recommended that homeowners reported to the police, request the public security organs for investigation. Liu Mao Tong lawyer also said that civil law perspective, changing locks and 17 housing units leased this behavior are not entitled to dispose of in accordance with the provisions of Article 51 of the Contract Law, only be ratified by the owners or behavior contract obtained the power after the valid, the current owners have not ratified, the officer has not obtained the power, rental behavior should be invalid, the officer shall compensate the owner suffers loss. The scope of the loss should include rent losses and housing items to be used or damage caused economic losses. Finally, Mao-Law especially added, renters if knowing that the lessor personnel having no right to rent the house, should also bear considerable liability to their degree of fault. Xiaojuan newspaper reporter correspondent Zhang Lingfei
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