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TOPIC: even the rays all didn't can escape by sheer luck

http://raybanjunioraviator.web​ even the rays all didn't can escape by sheer luck 11 months, 1 week ago #101658

  • euguwfvv37
, It basically isn't what ordinary people can compare."Is public and frightened, cannot help but losing one surprised shout a way,, even the tone is all a bit tiny to tinily shiver.
"This kind of energy motion from a distance outruns a soul saint to own of, have already stepped to go into an emperor territory?"Someone not from guess way, make people very shocked as a result, if true of so, the whole martial soul mainland who also be the opponent of green,
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Respond at the wood of soul in, green energy motion in the body more add hugely, is like big river in Yangtze River for dashing about, dashing like tide,, almost spread body everywhere, imitate a Buddha can attain to ruin a sky to put out ground all of a sudden each time ground,
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Just a short moment of time, green energy in the body already come to a 1 kind extremely and shockingly of situation, the dint in the destruction extremely dashing unreal, that dead silent bird of Kun Peng suddenly huge tiny piece, energy of a Tao sky suddenly the Yi spread but,, quickly get about whole on all sides, the place spread by this energy motion,
cheap oakley sunglasses for women, the originally bright unreal suddenly becomes utter darkness one and imitate a Buddha drive what to abruptly gobble up generally, quick of the facing all directions spread but go,
Seem what can not obstruct the power head that this energy spreads, the dint of that destruction was like ice snow to eliminate to melt a sort to completely change into unreal, all of almost whole sea surfaces are packages at that endless utter darkness color crack in, quick of the facing all directions gobble up since then.
Lookinging at front utter darkness is like the unreal of Mo, even if is a soul is also a bit surprised to fear to in Lin Xin, imitate a Buddha really drive Kun Peng to gobble up,
ray ban sunglasses case, even the rays all didn't can escape by sheer luck, all everythings is package at that huge crack in.
This energy motion spreads extremely and quickly, almost at moment of time then package lived Long Chen and pair palace lord, and still have the facing the trend for spreading on all sides, pre-eminent matchless,
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"Pair the palace lord and Long Chen disappear at space crack in?"See the crack gobbles up of 2 people, someone is unbearable surprised to shout a way.
" True of drive Kun Peng to gobbled up not to become, the all these is also too unimaginable, unexpectedly gobbled up a strong of two soul saints,, this is what soul skill?"Owner eyes in all peeped out unimaginable air, all is shockingly a full face,
"Bang, bang, bang"
A voice suddenly of deep-fried loudly be dead silently suddenly ringing out on all sides, wrap up 2 people's space crack to violently tremble, in seem to contain what not a life time existence, extremely dashing energy motion quick of from inside Man
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