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lancel 135 such as elder sister and devil king...etc. of evil political power
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TOPIC: lancel 135 such as elder sister and devil king...etc. of evil political power

lancel 135 such as elder sister and devil king...etc. of evil political power 11 months, 1 week ago #98883

  • bagyfbsj07
"Admire and respect me?Good matter Hey Hey!"Iron wolf replies.
"Admire and respect you to think airtight reach, the meaning is to despise you!"
Is public to wildly spray indiscriminately and infuse for nearly an around hour, end Ma Long spiraled the information finally quelled many friends hard recover of mood:"All sleep earlier, before 12:00 who if still don't log out to go to bed, punish him to do to the palace toilet for a month to protect Jie!Tomorrow offend city apparatus will land emperor's city, all his Niang of invigorate a point for me, rest very just can fight like!"
"Be like us these male energies are all right of, it is an old horse to pour your these familiar males have to leisurely wear to order, otherwise tomorrow morning be late, ha ha~ strain" signs signature:Buddha Ye.
"Is dizzy, good rascal, I also the sleeping went to" flies insect message.
The cluster of management layer basically a little bit outstandingly grow for lord, household in the influence, army corps the key figures all have been already held a position in name, this kind of is big cluster of popularity usually is the highest!However isn't the place that negotiates big deal, thin make to penetrate everywhere, not only want to take strict precautions against these in the game inside the ghost, on-line the bottom also need to take into to value!
Speak of this thin make to still really make people have a headache, this player is absolutely impossible to effectively guard against in the game!An influence finds job for in another influence thin make of although the circumstance is seldom seen,always have so a part of poor player contact other influences on one's own initiative'sell news'!Can't, lack money of person much go to, there is also 1:00, regardless poor rich who will dislike money much?Beg it not get ah!Some utility rooms are most terrible to exclusively train the key figures whom an elite class player beats into each general situation dint, lend this to pour to sell worthy news to seek a benefits, in fine, this player root is can not eradicate completely, can triumph by strategy.
Lord cluster calmness come down, the study of friends and relativeses still is continuing, speak of this friends and relativeses in fact are exclusive Ma Long, green loose etc. know that the root knows the cluster of the brothers friends and relatives of bottom!The outsider all doesn't need to be seen, connect from start into to eventually mix to accept at none of a group of elder statesmens, such as elder sister and devil king...etc. of evil political power, its credibility it is thus clear that one spot.
"Like don't gossip irresponsibly, say to order a serious matter!The wife urged"green loose say.
"The first:Tomorrow morning around 6:00 the leadership layer have to be online!Is an influence leader an all work well for me to take the lead a function, planned parenthood still have to village does the staff take the lead to start to make to do a model!"Ma Long
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