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TOPIC: authentic lv bags "

authentic lv bags " 11 months, 1 week ago #98694

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Of,, however is drag along a moment to calculate a moment."
The small white shakes head a way:"The Yan king isn't likely to give up the Sen Luo's city of, Huang Wu Qi is to spot this this just large force into make."
He Ren Hui stares at a small white way:"You heel Yan the king is the longest, since you such Du settle,
authentic lv bags, think come also indeed is such!Go around and inspect the Sen Luo's city some detection to also have no,
louis vuitton official website mens?"
The small white ponders:"Does not this know to calculate to not and at last discover?"Say from the sleeves in take out the book volume that the originally very thick sheepskin wraps up and pass to He Ren Hui.
He Ren Hui once connected sheepskin small volume to open a to see, the book volume page 1 was four works the whole pretty ancient form of writing:Six transmigration of souls!
"Ah!"He Ren Hui poured to take out an one mouthful air conditioner, " thus important book,, didn't the Yan king take?"
The small white point nods:"Is positive as it does, I just believe more, the Yan king don't give up the Sen Luo's city at all,
lancel miss lancel."
" Is intentionally stay to mine?"
Yang Ying wonders a short moment, the title looking at what Ren Hui:"If is give yours, why don't keep saying?"
He Ren Hui shakes head language not,, keep walking around, wish:These six transmigration of souls decide the person's cause and effect of the this present life and the destiny of the future life, Yan why does the king want to stay here?Is really not intentional lose?Is impossible!The thus important book absolutely impossibly and at will throws .Can say is to mine, exactly do for me what use?Why don't keep saying?
The small white looking at what Ren Hui, once connected Yang Ying's topic, the King of Hell intelligence led a person, whether he has intention to a dozen of riddles?"
He Ren Hui's sudden eyes a bright, shake head to say with smile:"Good the Yan Wang Lao's fox,!Another cause idea to me beat riddle originally for the sake of in addition to detached matter,
lancel wiki, push all of the responsibility for to me!"

Chapter 8 surprising move[this chapter word count:3016 latest renewal time:2009-11-18 09:00:00.0]
The small white looking at what Ren Hui crafty deeply sink of smiling face,
lancel handbags prices, the Du wears a mouth to show one to don't understand with searching facial expression, Ying's pure big eyes then amiablely looking at what Ren Hui, break into laughter of face very shallow dimples, although she still not clear what Ren Hui this guy make what ghost, but the in the mind has already grown eager to have a try surprise and impulse, she knows what Ren Hui must thought of an exquisite way.
The side that He Ren Hui is tiny to hang a head without intermission and simultaneously shakes head the mouth smile,
lancel bags sale, mouth still just the Du Rang write:"Good you old fox
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