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lancel mens die to deadly stare at Wu Ao Tian's finger
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TOPIC: lancel mens die to deadly stare at Wu Ao Tian's finger

lancel mens die to deadly stare at Wu Ao Tian's finger 11 months, 1 week ago #98671

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, Upsurge in the heart to have no language for several cents, this woman unexpectedly and first what to feel deeply about is that the chemisette in this crystal is beautiful, not considers a women like this appear among a crystal is a what absurdity.
Wu Ao Tian's vision falls since this huge crystal transfered to open at other places of this huge palace, but discover in this huge space, in addition to opening that strategies that send forth to order some ray of light, there being also the crystal to afloat getting empty in the half,, then have no other remarkable places again.
In the unbearable heart of Wu Ao Tian of curious,, slowly of the one step one step walk to come forward to, finally stop at that is huge crystal of under.
Took a look underground that strategies that emit ray of light,
lancel mens, also have oneself in the moment huge crystal, Wu Ao Tian slowly stretched out his/her own right hand, the facing of a little that crystal stretched to pass by.
Is to be full of various complicated emotion at this time in his heart,, shocked,
lancel handbags, doubt ……
Dong Yuan Yuan didn't obstruct Wu Ao Tian, she just stared big eyes,, die to deadly stare at Wu Ao Tian's finger,
lancel miss adjani, pay attention to the affair of possible occurrence.
Wu Ao Tian's finger,
sac a main adjani, finally and lightly touch to touch at that crystal surface on.
Is very cool, but the but again can't give people with extreme ice cold felling, Wu Ao Tian's finger is light of crystal the surface here row, but at crystal of in, be apart from Wu Ao Tian's finger to maybe not arrive ten cm of distances, exactly that slender and delicate small feet of the woman of that a head of grey hair.
No matter is Wu Ao Tian, again or is Dong Yuan Yuan, the attention all has already been been blue by this of the crystal still have complete attention to be attracted to the woman in the blue crystal and have never noticed the foot strategies of Wu Ao Tian send forth of the glow-in-the-dark have already become strong many.
Wu Ao Tian's finger slowly once rows a crystal,
lancel miss lancel, he became overdo to looking at Dong Yuan Yuan:"Here is really magic too, this woman doesn't know as well is who, it is pretty young to have a liking for to pour ……"
Dong Yuan Yuan agrees with of order a way:"Yes, this underground world in addition to this strategies, there is also this crystal, have no other things again ……exactly is what intention, this place obviously exists and no longer knows how many years, is the corpse in order to kept her?"
Wu Ao Tian is wrinkly to knit the brows, just wanted to talk, but suddenly once the complexion changed, suddenly title, looking at a that huge blue crystal,,
lancel handbags prices, make an effort at the same time of hand hereafter the noodles take out, but make Wu Ao Tian shocked BE, he like this and with sudden force on taking out, unexpectedly have no take out back!
A huge vacuum force unexpectedly from that crystal inside spread, Wu Ao Tian's hand is abruptly adsorbeunexpectedly d
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