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Authentic Lancel he also has no way.
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TOPIC: Authentic Lancel he also has no way.

Authentic Lancel he also has no way. 11 months, 3 weeks ago #9458

  • qgaudska78
Life of Ao sky.
The this words of dark absolute being king are a , none of those people dared to move, if Long Ao Tian died, and their hopes didn't want to end up in nothing!
Many superiors all hope to bright absolute being king, want to see a bright absolute being king how to handle, bright absolute being king have no the slightest respond, facial expression also have no way, even seeing didn't also see Long Ao Tian's direction one eye.
Outside the situation is all nerve, can Long Ao Tian's milli- have no knowledge, under the sistuation that the strong enemy surrounds, he sits quietly and meditates self-discipline and wants to resume capability.This time, many penny capabilities many pence protect the capital of life.
Break an empty voice to ring out, again someone arrived, this time come of is exactly the wild goose south that in a hurry rushes through to fly 5 people.Leave when here am very far the wild goose south flew and then responded the many and the strong's breathing and also knew Long Ao Tian's right here, knowing perfectly welling the way would be very dangerous, he remain the righteousness have never returned to attend to of come.Absolute being breeze 4 people are also, wild goose south's flying doesn't want to make them risky of, but they don't want with.
"Who want to hurt my brothers, once asked me first to agree a different idea."The wild goose south flies to directly fly to leave the not far place of Long Ao Tian.
"Don't close to again, otherwise I killed him."The night absolute being says.
The wild goose south flew to hurriedly stop down, their 5 people already the body place surround in.Surroundings those superiors adjusted to turn a pike head right away and aimed at weapon wild goose south to fly 5 people.
Seeing Long Ao Tian didn't die, the wild goose south flew to trust, he spreads a sound to let Long Ao Tian temporarily stops self-discipline self-discipline, then directly accepts into Long Ao Tian China field.
Long Ao Tian suddenly disappears and connected dark absolute being king and bright absolute being kings and don't discover is what is the row, don't even say others, they are all very shocked.
Dark absolute being Wang Jian's counter again have no, very cut up rough:"Grasp wild goose south to fly!"Now that none of Long Ao Tian at, he only hoped to hold tight wild goose the south fly.
He in front flies to rush toward toward the wild goose south to, the night absolute being waits a person very smart, in time of other superior's in fronts, they don't want to let greatly accounting of people's interference dark absolute being Wang Zhua Ren.
But the bright absolute being king has already kept in mind a dark absolute being king, he can not let dark absolute being successful king, so he also flew to rush toward toward the wild goose south past.
Absolute being breeze, the sting blood, fierce enemy and river wild 4 people didn't step back, they blocked at wild goose the south fly of front.
The wild goose south flies the plan that didn't begin and begins to him and has no the slightest an advantage.
"Stop!"The wild goose south flies is the hard working dint shouts out, those people all stopped down.
The dark absolute being king also wants to begin, but the bright absolute being king has already blocked in his in front, he also has no way.
"You want to catch me, exactly
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