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TOPIC: an old man at one side corner

http://throwbacknfljerseysyout​ an old man at one side corner 11 months, 2 weeks ago #9272

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What is the row?"Exceed those servants whom the He points at dying.
The Dai Ni son a captivating smile, "this is that this Sir is proper to defend just,, this several people's two words don't say and then suddenly begin,, I also too late take care of!"
Exceed He spirit to get lungs to all want to deep-fry, but can not say what,
Night month but is toward the son of Dai Ni light on smiling, "many thanks boss's wife the good intentions mutually help, but I night month is a Hun person, can not and habitually take beauty to be shield, so this matter still let at under oneself solve,"turn a head to see to exceed He, " really thinks to those garbages to revenge, choose a place, letting the bar is stained with a blood can be not good."
Exceed a He sneer way:"From try to commit suicide road, leave these to have a mercenary soldier labor union, have the ratio Wu Tai there,, we have a competition to there how?"
On noding night month, "good, I promised,
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"!"Is public all foolish live, in succession doubt this boy not Be getting more silly, think oneself a recruit to defeat the strong of a false emperor class is getting more fantastic, absolute being Wei and the margin of of absolute being servant can be ten, the many people all start sighing,, and the generation genius is about to now wither.
The son of Dai Ni is also anxious, "idiot, why want to walk into death, as long as you are foolish in this bar, he is to can not take you how, exceed real strenght but ratio wave of He to compare strong more than ten times!"
To the anxious facial expression of the son of Dai Ni, light on smiling night month,, his nature can't think that the son of Dai Ni fancied he, just implicate him to feel ashamed because of her business, want to return this debt just, is really the girl of a good natured, can not help stretching out palm the facial expression in the son of Dai Ni that fresh flowers sort touch on touching, "stop worrying,
wholesale authentic nfl jerseys, boss's wife, my affirmation wills be on the hoof back of, you but once promise me have to do my chemisette, if I died, wasn't the owner who doesn't and becomes saint only bar."Finish saying the cachinnation wears and is exceeding He after death to very and soon leave, while numerous people also want to join a crowd for fun, heel past,
cheap 59fifty hat.
The son of Dai Ni was silly to silly touch just be night month touched of place, the face,such as fire, burns, suddenly the disillusion comes over, "this bastard, dare to have old Niang cheapness!"A see one side the waiter want to smile the face that the but again doesn't dare to smile and hate a to stamp foot, the dynasty leave night month of the direction made track for in the past and thought in the heart, can not make this bastard die, oneself wants to make reprisals and dares to touch old Niang face,, blamed of guy.
The mercenary soldier labor union of the city of saint light, the grounds compares Wu Chang Wai, huge crowd of, round full person, an old man at one side corner, have a liking for whole body have no dint, depend on the wall, have already annoyed nerveless Pie to compare Wu Chang.
Compare Wu Chang up, night month with
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