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NFL Jerseys Outlet keep to straightly hit Ma Er Ren toward the agriculture.
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TOPIC: NFL Jerseys Outlet keep to straightly hit Ma Er Ren toward the agriculture.

NFL Jerseys Outlet keep to straightly hit Ma Er Ren toward the agriculture. 11 months, 4 weeks ago #8201

  • mcqvcujyh28
One shot but go.
The old sees a form and peep out crafty a smile:"Blast it of small miscellaneous kind of, want to make a surprise attack old and useless person, think worthless old man out of hearing?Hum, make you make a surprise attack, see recruit."Say,
NFL Jerseys Outlet, the old doesn't wait an agriculture Ma Er Ren respond to come over, once the hurried Yang hand tremble and sign at agriculture Ma Er after the Human bodies a walking stick to send out to shout noise of shouting after ringing, suddenly toward the white Xiao Ting after carry on the back a shot dozen to come over.
2 people hear back have a difference ring,, just wanted turn head lo see.Listens to"touch" of a , white Xiao the empress of the Ting's carrying on the back to be beaten by the walking stick is wearing.This Zhang dint general situation sinks, the white Xiao Ting is again to completely don't guardst again, this a while, beat she well hang have never carried on the back spirit, she vomits a blood, the body stands not to live and keeps on rushing toward forward.
"White elder sister Shi......"The agriculture horse flurried starts to hand an of white Xiao tings to see,
NFL Jerseys Outlet, sees white personnel of Xiao Ting not to come to,
Nike NFL Jerseys, the breathing is weak,, and the corner of mouth continuously comes out a blood and solemnly has already suffered from severely wounded.
"Ha ha,
NFL Jerseys Outlet, connect down is you, smelly boy,, unexpectedly dare to make a surprise attack old and useless person,, this time old and useless person not will you the Cuo bone Yang ash can not."
The old says and answers a walking stick all alone, immediately after use the walking stick is in the ground top after connecting to order three times, from the mouth inside jet one mouthful very thick red fog spirit, this fog annoyed a to come in contact with it order of three places after, abrupt however is three blunt sky of very hot fire jet but,
Agriculture Ma Yi Leng,, don't understand the old to make what means.Soon, these are three blunt sky of the very hot fire in mid air hover around to band together in 1 and form one regiment huge fire regiment.Ma Jian Zhuang of agriculture is dark to feel far from good, he quickly takes out several pieces to work properly a sign from the bosom and quickly put at him with white Xiao Ting 2 people of on all sides, a put well, listen to the old whispering a strange voodoo and following its dynasty fire regiment to project a blue ray of light.As soon as the fire regiment blue ray of light infuses to go into, suddenly just like the pouring rain sort, continuously fall in thick thin fire of chopsticks sort to order, keep to straightly hit Ma Er Ren toward the agriculture.
Agriculture horse although being surprised isn't disorderly, he stretches hand to connect to project a few "work properly sun spirit"s into to work properly a sign inside and launched to work properly a sign in time when the intensive fire orders to beat their top in the body.
The old Shi Chu's fire regiment attack, is it very one of the extremely recruiting of the specialties, seeing agriculture horse and white Xiao the Ting will be sparked by the fire point, satisfied in the old heart, not from roar with laughter, however the old just smiled several voices, but drive at present one act shocked.
Listens to"Burst......"Is a few pure ring, those showers fall in of the raindrop is to beat to arrive what things up, is leaving an agriculture horse and white Xiao Ting 2 people still have the midair of the Yao of half Chinese foot the entire number be held up, numerous fire points immediately spread out and formed the fire turn of a circular in agriculture Ma Er Ren's overhead.
The old is several"Luo Luo", after careful lo see along while, original
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