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TOPIC: the sword fire ghost Zhi isn't carefree either the sword fire ghost Zhi isn't carefree either 11 months, 3 weeks ago #7318

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Take a person, the war soul is romantic and fights soul iron wing two people aren't what good bird!To, you is 2 together,,"
I don't know Long Hun hasn't answered what mean, but Ling Yue has already said with smile:"Yes, I and the scholar is a friend!"
Finish saying,, she saw one eye purple rhyme son, way:"Unexpectedly scholar and your teammates also know."
Purple rhyme son not from on smiling, way:"I also the scholar also just know just in the game, the miss need not be over-sensitive ……"
Traverse a month immediately Pie my one eye, don't like a spirit way:"I just have no over sensitive, since so, that we complete this task together, so also quickly ascend some,"
Hence, I then four people of sword fire one by one invitation enter troops in, sword fire Long Hun this time not the Chong is big, but ask for sexual of ask Ling Yue:"Lan Ms. Yue,, you see, how should we beat?"
Traverse a month to glimpse the hell bow and arrow of the distance not hand, way:"General mode, sword private and crazy warrior fore the noodles crest is strange, master and bow and arrow hand mainly the attack output, the pastor is optimistic about blood, mainly cure a crazy warrior and sword private."
Long Hun nods and then says to the Xing sky:"The elder brothers started work!"
The sky of the Xing gladly nods, two heavy AN occupations come forward right away and namely drew on a few thermodynamic powers of hell bow and arrow hands in a sudden,
Cucci Outlet, very obviously, the attack of these hell bow and arrow hands not ability to heavy A result in two people in the sky: too big injury, Long Hun and Xing to own more than two bronze vessels classes all battle armor, be beaten by the hell bow and arrow to arrive also only each time Sun blood 100 order more just, purple rhyme son can easily of with medium class treatment the Shu annoy these blood to pull back.
I offend with Ling Yue Ze's lord, the sword fire ghost Zhi isn't carefree either, after one sings, the dark black fireball soars to the skies to fly, direct chest in a hell bow and arrow hand**open, resulted in the injury in 457:00,
new era style hats!
Traverse a month on recording strong intense fire ball to bomb, direct dropped a hell bow and arrow hand dozen 724:00 spirit blood!
The arrows of one of my fire breaks empty but, "burst" of a have already polished off that hell bow and arrow hand, tee off 845:00 injury value!
Immediately,, the sword fire ghost Zhi gape, Zheng big eyes way:"Is dizzy!You are two this what attackstone, so abnormal attack, also let to make people live not ……"
Traversed a month to smile to smile, described with a delicate touch a way:"This is just the attack of general strength!"
The ghost Zhi doesn't already is scared,
Wholesale 59fifty hats, all of the confidence lose.
The purple rhyme son then is tiny tiny a say with smile:"Ghost Zhi,, you see a grade ranking, the pleasant breeze Lan month is the first in China,, the scholar is the third in China, do you think that the somebody else doesn't have two times son and then can get into placard in a sky?"
The ghost Zhi releases however says with smile:"Is also, have them two heavy thermodynamic powers like this, our completion the task believe to no longer become what problem!"
At this time, traverse
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