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TOPIC: however how to say also and all learn for 78 years a machine​w-Era-Hats.htm however how to say also and all learn for 78 years a machine 11 months, 3 weeks ago #7313

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Way,, who call the energy of bone dragon really a lot too big, sometimes want only cry up if Zhi and clap his shoulder, will also clap person dead.
Just beginning what if Zhi absolutely pain not the desire livinged, but arrived to also become accustomed to afterwards.He not only sees the other people's corpse to have now what specially strange felling, connect the corpse of seeing"oneself", felling also"hemp hemp of",, doesn't matter!
Anyway the in the mind isn't great each time, seek a giant Ju insect to give vent to anger,, say he is the Q is also good, will refuse to face reality also good, anyway be like what if Zhi this kind of was humiliated by person since the childhood a ground of coward, if there are no 12 kinds of words,, early bump to die for the a head of.
Until gradually after becoming accustomed to this kind of life, if Zhi just slowly discovered to conceal in the bone dragon machine within complicated framework of the United States.
What if Zhi since the childhood be learned a machine of, in this age, machine of the definition was "machine A machine".
It is also the machine academics that contributes efforts to machine AN in the cosmos and space airship,
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Because oneself's mentality and physical strength all nothing doing cause, the machinist became what if the Zhi is this kind of ideal occupation that discards a biggest firewood.
Anyway watch television stimulate combat play in the fierce space up that kind of, around always have in the leading role thus the logistic personnel of the not known to public, be responsible for fixing sophisticated machine A for leading role,
The evolution occupation of machinist, be independently design, the creation teacher of the manufacturing cosmos machine A, each person who become creating teacher, the social status is more even tall than knight of machine A!
Certainly, that profession is also the strongest mentality of demand of,, for instance silly strong this kind of person in the future pretty Be probably come creating teacher, as long as his head dried melon seeds inside again order to imagine dint to go more.
What if Zhi although in the sky isn't high, however how to say also and all learn for 78 years a machine,
NFL Jerseys Outlet??His father sees this kid's mentality not to go very early, so early and early made selection a machine to maintain to regard as his for life occupation, this was also what father's occupation.
But what if Zhi but have never seen this fine of machine product,
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The around ten thousand piece of skeleton is by a kind of matchless handiness the combination want ~only tail together up a certain place just a little activity is for a while, even if being a top of head will also immediately respond, even if is the machine body of super modernization,
new era 59fifty,BE not likely to have thus ingenious function,
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"The hero pulls especially, have person once said with you, your bone is really beautiful!"What if the Zhi simultaneously sweeps and finally cannot helps but asking a way.
By this time what if Zhi already in the bone dragon nearby treat for 11 months, seeing the Mu Ni will appear, set out under a task.
Should study dry skeleton when the time comes Wu Ji?What if the Zhi beautiful Zi Zi ground thinks, although don't feel in the space age
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