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TOPIC: Elder

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Is old worriedly the walking of return is old to walk on the big palace to, take a light Nu idea on the face.At this time, Long Zu's member walked into a big palace in quick time, facing two elder the tiny Ju is one Gong, way:"Elder was responsible for an island to check two clansmens exploring to send back news......"
"How?Found out to have no!"Two elder concussions say,
The that dragon clan member helplessly shakes and says:"Currently haven't found out the trace and shadow of silver silk, connect to go out to sea to look for her heavy the building is also missing a trace and shadow......However those two clansmens for fishing for say and once appeared a Hai person's terrible energy motions at clear mirror the south of the waters last night,
Lancel Handbags, they are where rushing through with all strength, hope and have a detection now......"
Two elder You the You sighed tone,, way:"The wench of self-will~~~the clan is long now and none of big elders at, Long Dao's thing will be been responsible for by me, can I walk not to open again, if silver silk true what surprised, how I am grow an explaination to the clan, again have......If the heavy building also followed what matter, that dragon absolute being adult is there more not say......"Two elder eyebrowses are tightly wrinkly, toward the member of that dragon clan to say:"You descend first to wait for news, if is could not looking for 2 people's trace this time,, I then in person the island look for......"
"BE!Elder!"The that dragon clan member orders and withdrew a big palace, leaves two elders to a person alone sigh,,
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In former days in the morning, a wisp of soft sunlight shines on in weighing the face of building, heavy the building eyelid moved to move and slowly opened exhausted double of eyes and recalled took place since the last night of the whole, heavy there is a difficult speech in the building heart of bitter and astringent, the station struggling starts, discover that the silver silk no longer knows where wents,
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The together cold light keeps shooting since then, a handle is suffused with the lance sting of silver white ray of light toward the heavy building,
NFL Jerseys Outlet, heavy the building didn't avoid being seen and still kept original posture to stand at first and took one silk on the face helpless with Qi however.
Leave the throat of weighing the building not to get to the place of one inch in the sword point, the lance suddenly stopped down, refuse to budge so in the in front of weighing the building,, the heavy building bitter and astringently looking at station before the body, oneself holds lance to toward his/her own silver silk and miserably smile a , the way of You You:"Why to come to a stop?......"
The silver silk cuts off beautiful Jiao Yan top already full is to spend tears, the Jiao Qu lightly shivers,, complicated of staring at and emphasizing building, light tone way:"That why don't you hide?......"
"I......This is that I owe your,"The heavy building is helpless of say, from birth he felt to face a female kid for the first time
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