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louis vuitton sale Yang Tian's in power not Rao person
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TOPIC: louis vuitton sale Yang Tian's in power not Rao person

louis vuitton sale Yang Tian's in power not Rao person 11 months, 1 week ago #61414

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Want confiscation."
The words that hear Yang Tian, the middle age still thought in the beginning that Yang Tian sees money eye opened and finally put even, behind of that,
louis vuitton sale, is make him some angry.He also not useless talk, once the expression of eyes make, after death two strong men immediately offend toward Yang Tian.
"Boy, make them accompany you to have fun well!"Finish saying, the middle age man turns round but goes to.
Face attacking from both flanks of after death two strong mens, Yang Tian early has a vigilance.He the step side move, the Shan body once hides the right side one person's fist.Meanwhile,
Wholesale 59fifty hats, the waistline turns over, right boxing Lun an arc, heavily hit is one person to the left side.
The left side that person should be makes a surprise attack previously, the fist has already shall arrived soon Yang Tian Ruan's rib.But what then while turning over Yang Tian's waistline avoided to open his fist.Wait he just wanted lift arm resist Yang Tian attackstoned of time, but already too late respond.
"Bang!"One is stuffy to ring, that person unexpectedly already drive Yang Tian the one punch shot fly.Bump on after death a big tree, can not move.
Another strong man's eye sees they's brothers get hurt,, Yang Tian's artistic skill again thus severe, at that moment don't dare the gist, the Pa Pa would is two whip legs, fast if lightning flash.
Yang Tian didn't expect the other party artistic skill incredibly thus of quick.He still thinks in times before a bodyguard that reporter pleases most likely just three feet cat effort, shortage for fear to.But this a moment, he is some surprise.However,
genuine louis vuitton handbags, Yang Tian has already made after the brief surprise reaction.
His step flies a point backward in a row, the countermarch of the body demon's sort.That person sees Yang Tian avoid, the nature is to tightly make track for but up.Follow-up attack Fen however go to, nowise stop over.Yang Tian's corner of mouth raises one sneer of putting on and holds tight the other party an attack in a very short moment and flies body one feet and directly kicks the other party to fly,
loui vuitton purses.
Is close behind, Yang Tian's in power not Rao person, quickly come forward.Before taking the other party body didn't fall to the ground, raising feet to would be to kick the Zhui is toward the other party waist.Listens to a frailty ring, that person bellows 1 and drops into in the ground, and the whole body is painful to have muscular spasms.
"You roll!"Yang Tian Dan the dust on the Dan body, cold give a smile, prepare to leave.
Just at this time, he suddenly feels that the back livings breeze, an algidity arises spontaneously.
"Have a superior!"This is the first Yang Tian felling.But at this time once he is to don't anticipate, two is a body back to the other party, rush under although make reaction, also only averted from vital part.On the face suddenly one pain, a silk blood has already followed cheeks to flow down.
"Jie Jie!"Is a few strange smile, Yang Tian finally saw pure to make a surprise attack his/her own person and peeped out dignified air at the same time.
Chapter 80 corpse hand
Chapter 80 corpse hand
The brotherses, old week guilty, catching a cold not only don't be good and on the contrary aggravated!Is really sorry, today two more!Owe of repair next time, keep on
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