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lancel online shop the all of piece carefully reminded a way
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TOPIC: lancel online shop the all of piece carefully reminded a way

lancel online shop the all of piece carefully reminded a way 11 months, 2 weeks ago #61389

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Chen Si revenges, the south is brave to originally miss oneself's processing, just don't report.
Zhang Xiao Long asks the companion of six Ges to still have again who, the south is brave to can not remember clearly Chu, Chen Si trains of the close armed escort be divided into several stairs and have incumbency of, also have is training of, these people all once were subjected to Chen Si's great boon, neither don't be dead set to Chen Si.The in the mind scolded a , still have a lot of questions in the heart of Zhang Xiao Long, Chen Si all died so long,
lancel online shop, why will six Ges be it happened that to choose to begin this time.
Zhang Xiao Long hanged a telephone, he saw an eye telephone and also produced some doubts to the brave south in the heart,
lancel handbags usa.The south is brave to leave him too long, the income arrives now of also Be getting tooer many, time probably will change this person.
Zhang Xiao Long makes people wake up six Ge lanes again,, six Ges again waking up start yelling to shout loudly again, Zhang Xiao Long in person malicious six the Ges are two mouths, ask a way:"BE who send you to come,
ray ban sunglasses price in india?"
Six Ges are beaten dizzy and giddy also had no energy to scold, six Ges stared with anger Zhang Xiao Long, say:"Have no who to send me."Hear this answer, Zhang Xiao Long is more affirmative to is someone to direct him, he again mercilessly six the Ges are two mouths, feel to don't understand spirit, again from the room of Xing Xun of strong the son up taking a whip comes down, towarding six Ges is one Be fierce to take out.
Six Ges are again taken out to faint, sprinkle to come to beat again, fainted is sprinkling to come to beat again, Zhang Xiao Long exactly beat half for hour, the all of piece carefully reminded a way:"Owner beats again and then killed."
Zhang Xiao Long stopped to start to drink an one mouthful tea and drinks slow slow spirit,
lancel handbags malaysia, he knows it in heart if kill six Ges, is not likely to find out to really be fierce to in the in a short time.Let the doctor check the circumstance of six Ges.The treatment that the doctor pays close attention to of for a while, beat one needle for six Ges,, six Ges slowly become awake to come over.
Zhang Xiao Long walks over to again ask a way:"BE who send you to come to kill mine?"
Already the six Ges state of mind is getting more misty, the head flaps about, can not answer Zhang Xiao Long's words.Zhang Xiao Long wanted to think, let the doctor beat for six Ges a burst of to the Huan.He takes to conduct electricity a brain again and turns over the photograph of finding out Chen Si and put the photograph to biggest, let Ma Zi take to raise to six Ge in fronts, Zhang Xiao Long learns sharp voice of Chen Si to ask a way:"Six Ges, I came to connect you."
In a daze six Ges, also think Chen Si that really see, in a dazely say:"Four Yes, I have no to revenge for you."
Zhang Xiao Long learns Chen Si's voice, the tone mollifies of say:"It doesn't matter, you have already made great effort."
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