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Username Password: Remember me Lee is quiet if see the raindrop that Lin Xiao Yu wipe hair Shao for himself
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TOPIC: Lee is quiet if see the raindrop that Lin Xiao Yu wipe hair Shao for himself

http://raybanaviatorsunglasses​ Lee is quiet if see the raindrop that Lin Xiao Yu wipe hair Shao for himself 11 months, 2 weeks ago #61357

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With own father embrace each other for a while, Lin Xiao Yu feels of himself/herself and father really is some too apathy, but the father's love to Lin Xiao Yu remain warmth such as past.But Lin Xiao Yu still kept inhibitting the impulse of he or she's in the mind and slowly followed with eyes oneself to is dressed in the father whom the smock goes to work.Lin Xiao Yu knows next time see a father again also want to half year later.Lin Xiao Yu feels the importance that the house is so in own in the mind for the first time.
In the time of many 3:00 p,,, start raining at noon since of heavy rain haven't stopped up to now of evidence.Lin Xiao Yu then lifts he or she the baggage that ready to already last night to slowly prepare to leave home train station.Lin Xiao Yu thinks to the opposite door quiet with Lee such as this a cake of grows up of neighbouring girl way voice do not.But when Lin Xiao Yu opens he or she's family of for an instant, Lin Xiao Yu already just see to prepare press they Lee of the family bell is quiet such as,
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Lee is quiet such as followed Lin Xiao Yu's a cake of to beat a car to arrive train station like this,,
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After the train station got off, Lee is quiet if support have her umbrella in order to lift Lin Xiao Yu of two bag baggages to block, 2 people then get again here and once wore the umbrella of the thin yellow bottom in quick time rain Lian to run into the waiting of train station car hall.
The person who waits car hall at this time combines not much, 2 people sought a position to sit down, Lee was quiet if see Lin Xiao Yu tapped next he or she on the seat body up be stained with of drop of water, then passed for him to go to he takes of small handkerchief.Lin Xiao Yu picks up Lee quiet such as of the handkerchief then wiped next oneself to be stained with of rain water, Lin Xiao Yu kisses on light aroma of this handkerchief thoughted of that the day that he or she goes to school in the Nanking is very difficult again smell, Lin Xiao Yu doesn't know he or she why will have viewpoint like this, not from must see Lee whom an eye sit at oneself nearby quiet such as,,
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Lin Xiao Yu sees Li Jing such hair Shao up also was stained with many rain beads,
lancel watch, then picked up handkerchief to wipe off for Lee calming down such as slightly.
Lee is quiet if see the raindrop that Lin Xiao Yu wipe hair Shao for himself, then sit to free to Lin Xiao Yu to take over there quietly the hand of towel to slightly wipe to wipe on own hair, is quiet such as for Lin Xiao Yu this although the very intimate action is a Xi to used to think,in waiting car hall to still make Lee quiet in public place like this such as of the Qiao face receiving the 1 F is light red and dizzy.
Be about to box off two sides with Lin Xiao Yu, Li Jing is such of in the mind in addition to don't give up still don't give up, so of don't give up can in mind and secretly bear with as well, Lee is quiet such as have no of the way request this leaving of neighbouring boy to stay,
cheap lancel, and conceal in mind of the love more don't dare to reveal, Lee is quiet such as always fear this love in heart be not accepted by Lin Xiao Yu, if is such, 2 people intimate of relation will also be this but existed diaphragm.
Lee is quiet such as a
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