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TOPIC: you basically don't know

http://cheapcuccihandbgas.webs​.com/ you basically don't know 11 months, 2 weeks ago #53069

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Still needed to kill to own, then sent to you, have never thought this thing on you, must be father's adult,, he be really to I is too good!"
Ling Du is empty!Qian Xiao Dou gnashes the teeth with hatred, if the arrangement that says destiny lets oneself loves each other with jade Lan once, so this matter doesn't calculate as well what, but as for dead that float in the sky, oneself can not forgive him, destiny,, destiny, I want to flounce this destiny!
"Small bean, what's the matter with you?"The jade Lan sees his facial expression not to, the small voice asks.
Qian Xiao Dou of"nothing important~" isn't cold lukewarm to say:"Now that we owned this thing, so,, can open big south the treasure of the mountain hid!"
"Hum~Qian Xiao Dou, you are to don't hide for the sake of the treasure, for the sake of own safety, is elaborating me,,
Lancel Purse!"The jade misty hill atmosphere drum drum fights to say~
"You think that that went."Qian Xiao Dou shakes to say:"Thus, the purpose is very explicit, those people, just think we be explore the way of sacrifice article,
louis vuitton handbags on sale, you I want to consider now of BE, how get a treasure thing, and be not killed by them, know, three big monks that the nature and man expects,, incubate at you nearby and so several years, also want to peep out the time of man's natural character!"
"What, you basically don't know, they all of three big monks are the persons who hurts in the my father's hand, if don't yield,
latest gucci handbags, my father kills them, just be not what hide for the sake of the treasure, I see you ah, be want to evade me, don't want to accept me!"The jade Lan cannots help but a spirit way~
The "hum~" one face of Qian Xiao Dou disdains of sneer way:"That good, we stop a route of travel right away, the meeting sea reaches Er islands to marry and goes into nuptial chamber, how?"
"True drop!"The jade Lan is red smiling face Be pleased to say with smile:"You say of, forbid to renege, we this returns to, in my nuptial chamber, I still really don't adapt to and walked~"
Yu Lan says, then pleased coax of ran to go out, Qian Xiao Dou tidied up dress Shan and sneered at a , immediately heel go out~
On the deck of Dragon Boat,
lancel handbags usa, the jade Lan brandishes small under charge to reach an order:
"Immediately return to sea to reach Er islands~"
"How does this go!"Going to a sun way person not only loudly advises a way:"Little princess, the this trip task is important, good arrive big south the treasure thing of the mountain, can not walk!"
"What!"The jade Lan Zuan wears small fist spirit way:"This is my order, return to sea to reach Er islands!Immediately!"
"Little princess,
Baltimore Ravens jerseys Free shipping, clearly say good of go to big south mountain,, why changed at the time
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