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TOPIC: The empty island that is arranged to one to suspend thou sky on The empty island that is arranged to one to suspend thou sky on 12 months ago #2494

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Generation by chance meets with younger generation."
"Saying so didn't find out elder generation, that Xuan wood Jue from what since then?"The fire sun openings way, he hopes to see benefactor one more side!
"Now that two elder generations and elder generation have an origin, I then keep speech to mutually tell, before one and half years, the younger generation discovers elder generation's regret, think compare have been already withered before decade."
"What, elder generation withered."The fire sun air is one earthquake.
Is green fierce to return to calculate a town settle, but the noodles permits to also have sad several centses.
Thou sky 15110 how will get keepsake, and then transmit to Zhao You Lan, describe to 3 people, certainly conceal eight veins and jade lovely matter.
"The generation heroic contends for a life with sky, life and death front-line, 2 need not be sad."The consolation way in sky in Xing.
"Ah, Mahayana of expect, the whole eastern Huang is also thousand years a meet."It is green fierce to sigh a way.
Have to the not giving up of the benefactor in tone, more have 1 kind to long living hopeless exclamation.
"Elder generation, miss heel at I nearby,, dangerous layer after layer,, also hoping two elder generations can take in."Thou sky topic a turn.
"Need not you say that we will also take in, Gu male the few female old man is 10,000 don't trust, ha ha."The fire sun cachinnation way, it is thus clear that is all person that becomes Jing, in a short while inhibit the feeling of the sorrow.
"Fire old ghost, the machine of the chain believes in circumstances at present not good, you take Zhao You Lan to nearby."
"I intend to accept Zhao You Lan as Tu and treat it to wake up and then get her to go to woman without pubic hair boundary to believe in a door."
"Is also good, woman without pubic hair boundary originally with Vinaceous Rosefinch boundary connect with each other, with she demon the body of the clan want to compare to have no much danger."
The sky in Xing is mysterious on smiling, say:"Bother where and thus, I this has a jade to wear and is named Huan to work properly a stone, can cover up evil spirit."
"This kind of artifacts all have, not the Kui is Xing house."The fire sun eccentrically says.He is together ancient tradition, identity position homology, change green fierce, even if is match a body period to also want Qian to let for several cents.
The sky in Xing sees to thou sky, ask a way:"Does the small brothers connect down to have what plan?"
"The younger generation whole body is comfortable, where can go."Say with smile thou sky.
"Perhaps have no you to say so natural and unrestrainedly!The old man knows that you are investigating the medicine Wang Gu's trace, we what noncooperation?"
"Cooperate with younger generation?The elder generation lifted to love, younger generation the ability of He De He!"Thou heaven's will evil.
"Medicine Wang Gu and there is origin in the Dan Wang Zong Jiang house, this you are knowing, although you fix for not high, strong that uncanny whirlpool destructive power, the foot has the leeway of cooperation!"
Is green fierce beside look in the eyes a bright:"Is quite good, this Shu such of strong, it make me wait deelpy ashamed, the small brothers has what request though lift."
Deliberation way thou sky, this several magic tricks that has a liking for him, this is his negotiation condition, but from today and exchanging blows of Zhi bitterness, realize diverted period monk of strong, let him have several cents to be afraid of.
3 people have never also forced thou sky, give him a day of consideration time.
The affair that asked a few self - disciplines later on thou sky becomes clear suddenly.
3 people all some insight inductions and thou sky, although is some insights that break the baby of Dan Ning, the enjoyable bandit is shallow,
Early hear to break the very danger of the baby of Dan Ning, the failure then dies of insurance.Canning get a goal absolute being to expect monk induction insight today is the blessing of the thou sky.
The fire of chapter 33 wood
The empty island that is arranged to one to suspend thou sky on, privilege by honored guest.
This sky seems to have no around-the-clock cent, the thou sky just a little has some to trap an idea, after all with Zhi bitterness a war harmed origin to work properly dint.
"Mao Mao Mao" is a burst of to knock on door a voice thou sky from the dream lira return to reality.Enjoy in retrospect dream thou sky in depend on each other for life living 1.1 drop with grandpa.
The lookinging at of accident is Zhao You Lan of outside.
"Are not you in the treatment and how resumed?"
"Is original condition of the injury not big, green elder generation with work properly liquid for I cure, already condition of the injury completely recovered."There is some tiny hairs in Zhao You Lan's facial expression white.
"Arrive is your condition of the injury how?"Zhao You Lan walks into building, sits on the chair and cans not tells any facial expression.
"I have already had no big Ai."Sit by Zhao You Lan thou sky.
Four eyes are by chance opposite, Zhao You Lan's vision moves a very small amount, and the tears has already beaten to turn in eyes.
"Have you already known?"
"Why a little more late tell me?Why?"Zhao You Lan any further cannot stop the feeling of the sorrow of in the mind, cry bitterly.
Once walked thou sky body to go and clap to clap Zhao You Lan's back.
Zhao You Lan suddenly embraces a thou sky and lie prone at thou chest in the sky up weep over.
Can't see an any facial expression of Zhao You Lan thou sky, can feel that the chest has already been invaded by the tears wet.
Don't know how of, be been infected by Zhao You Lan, thou the voice in sky also becomes a bit hoarse:"I had no father to have no mother since the childhood, the grandpa picked up from the Qiang Bao I, I was 12 years old to leave a grandpa to go to five lines of college study way of method??????"
Zhao You Lan quietly lies prone on chest in the thou sky and listen to ancient the description in sky, ancient sky of have no secret in Zhao You Lan's in front at the moment.
The penny of time is an in the past, treat a thou the sky finish describing, Zhao You Lan this just Zhang Kou say:"Unexpectedly the thou elder brother is the person of Chungchou, still a such geezer five lines of of body."
The 2 people tiny differential calculus opens and re- sit on the chair again on, there is no embarrassed feeling, this is each other just two persons of solitudes, is looking for one silk warmth.
"Thou the elder brother's enemy thus strong, can have to be thousand times careful!"
"Just one silk clues, can not make sure and then have relation with house or medicine Wang Gu."
"Do not know is the most terrible of, many thanks thou the elder brother tell me these, have never thought thou the elder brother treat me such honesty."
Smiled to smile to have no speech thou sky.
"The elder brother of the thou, the kid sister asks you a question."
"Please speak."Nod a way thou sky.
"The kid sister is working properly the Qu of wood, the thou elder brother had to once think??????"Zhao You Lan's facial expression is tiny and red, but continuously looking at a thou sky.
"Frankly speaking to have, the fire of wood is three one of the flavor absolute being fireses, get it to I hereafter look for a grandpa, resist a big enemy to have to greatly use."Thou Zhao You Lan outside the heaven's will unexpectedly asks a question like this, but also has no vain words of say.
Zhao You Lan hears ancient sky of such answer of honesty, Be tiny to deviate the vision, the face Xia has fever, high Bo neck Be red to go to ear.
"I wish to do a bargain with the elder brother in thou.Hand over an ancient elder brother of the fire of wood, need ancient elder brother's real strenght strong after, for me revenge mother's blood to hate."
Thou sky one Leng, his hasing never thoughting Zhao You Lan will say thus, the momentary doesn't know to say what.
The back towards Zhao You Lan in thou sky and unties green dress silk ribbon, clothes slide, peep out perfect nude body, arrive at thou sky the bed that just once slept up, remaining lay down to feel to leave, that many violets spent before the chest particularly attractive at the moment.
Drill into drive in, peep out a head, hope thou sky.
"I have a beauty to named a kid colourful orchid, I don't want to maltreat and you."Sighed an one breath thou sky.
Zhao You Lan hears words in the thou sky, the look in the eyes is dreary, twist a head to looking at wall noodles to say:"Just a bargain, thou the elder brother need not mind."
Sit on the bedside thou sky, say:"I thou sky although isn't big the generation of ability, make reference to absolutely attain, necessarily marry you in three years into me thou house."He isn't a fool, can see Zhao You Lan's feeling to him,, with the Wei of Zhao You Lan's Xuan wood Jue, revenge just sooner or later of matter.
Zhao You Lan has no speech, this words have been all right already.Give up a life to mutually fight a Zhi bitterness thou sky, she sees in the eye, in this ruthlessness world have a thus treat her of person, she is getting more contented!
Zhao You Lan's tender feelings water, cater to thou sky, make an effort to match with thou obtaining of sky, in order to can attain the best effect.
Thou sky according to enjoying very much treasure Dian up jot down of sketch, use all one's skill, but have never used the evil doctrine that it jots down to adopt Yin to repair sun, but the yin and yang fixed a Lyu with the double repair with each other of Shu.
The beauties of spring curls up and increases several color of dust of giving bonuses for this open spaces islet.
Zhao You Lan quietly looking at to sit on the bed thou sky, the finger once rows belly that purple Luo flower print to record, feel just attentive, silently station start.
The violet in You blue is suffused with a little red fluorescence and starts to wear a clothes, Zhao You Lan Fu body the red lips kiss toward thou sky lips on, looking at to lick the next mouth of ancient sky of, Zhao You Lan is tiny tiny a smile.
The tender feeling is always brief to elapse, these low rank monks to them, once wanted to ascend a quiet and peaceful life, an impossible realization of and only have real strenght continuously raise, stand on the top of this world, so as to enjoy the quite time of that a short moment.
Feel the fire of that weak wood inside the pubic region thou sky, quietly and afloat in the yin and yang too very on, be juxtaposed with gold Dan.
The fire of wood depends on after the guide in thou sky gold Dan on, contain by gold Dan of work properly dint to nourish.
Open eyes, looking at open spaces room, smell that silk remain of violet fragrance of flower.
One Shan body thou sky, deeply wear a wood door but lead, arrive at in addition to building, is exactly fix with Zhao You Lan's double supplementary kind of wood escapes of Shu, can blend with plant, and fix after this time pair, fix for with till the middle of gold Dan.
Didn't continue on the island to stop over, step to tread for a month, arrive at outside in the green fierce door.
"The small friend since came, directly come in."
A voice rings out and stream into thou ear in the sky in.
Again display a wood to escape Shu thou sky, arrive at room inside.
It is green fierce positive to sit with the legs crossed with sky in Xing, inquire into war situation each other.Looking at to wear a door but lead ancient sky ofly, green fierce see toward the sky in Xing, the sky in Xing shakes.
"Does the small brothers how can use five lines of method of escapings?Is difficult don't become is the person of five lines of religions."
"BE, however the younger generation comes from medium state five lines of colleges."Deliberating thou sky is a burst of, speak a way.
"Not to, five lines of escape a method is five lines of tallest college concealed Shus, only its elder above just entitles to study,
Cheap Baltimore Ravens Jerseys on sale, five lines of colleges can not the self-discipline escape Shu thus."
"Younger generation this escaping a method don't learn to believe in from 5 lines inside, but the chance and opportunity strangely fits learns."
"The small friend can consider of how?"The sky in Xing turns speech to ask a way.
"The younger generation settles be make an effort."
"The elder brother of the Xing, at present thou the sky join on the contrary some difficult, 5 lines' believing in is a neutral group, if be understood thou the sky is the person of five lines of religions, perhaps 5 lines' believing in will appear publicly, 5 lines believe in to be known for by escaping a method world, the matter of those early years up to now memory still new, be careful behaviour."Green fierce deliberation way.
"Really have some trouble, do you say to is the person of Chungchou and why not stay in five lines of religions thou sky?"The sky in Xing sees to thou sky.
"The younger generation just arrives at with college east Huang of, way and Gang breeze but rise, forced landing ten thousand demon wood, cause to lose contact with college.Afterwards the younger generation has important business and then have no again return to 5 lines to believe in inside."Thou simple elucidation in the sky after, then is not in the speech.
"Do 5 lines believe in the existence that can know you?"
"Probably all think that I am dead."
"This does so much, you today don't use again after this wood escapes of Shu,
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The point nods and turns but asks a way thou sky:"Elder generation why believe in to 5 lines thus careful, as younger generation knows 5 lines' believing in has been unworthy of name."
"You know to is to isn't an ancient noble family to associately deal with 5 lines to believe in, five lines of religions are compelled neutral to protect tradition."The wry smile way in sky in Xing.
Listen to thou sky seem to be not is so, openings way:"Please advise."
"In those early years 5 lines believed in old Zu create fix five hide of method, thus make non- inborn can also self-discipline, ancient noble family everyone from Wei, started me two parties resultant forces in Xing house and house, but in 5 lines believe in five hands that ascended elder too much up hurt next, east Huang all ancient tradition hear, this just unite together exert pressure to five lines of religions,, five too ascend elder put five go an all-powerful, the person of ancient noble family, the whole amount surrounds, life and death all arise from one wrong idea, who think that five lines of Zong Kai sends Zu teacher and unexpectedly break mountain but , on recruiting and untying five all-powerful of goings, dissolve public Wei, then will fix five and hide of the method announce world, half year behind, open send Zu teacher Du 99 thunders rob and fly and rise, its Zu teacher is called all-powerful."
Hear thou sky 5 lines believe in unexpectedly thus strong, don't understand a way:"Since remove all-powerful Zu teacher, also have too up elder, why like this decline."
"The old man also knows of not known, you knew hereafter, arriving that the state was to conveniently can make moves."Very hot look in the eyes in the sky in Xing don't add dissimulation.
Lower the head thou sky, in the mind as if big waves wave:"This world really has already raised Xia to fly to rise, wanting to compare those five elders are also that Mahayanas period fix for."
"The small friend is since the person of five lines of religions, return to 5 lines to believe in in the days to come inside probably have some kind of chance and opportunities."
Nod thou sky, in the mind but is thinking moreover a matter:"The ancient noble family probably exists Mahayana to expect monk."
"Small friend, this time your join actually is me the blessing of the chain machine religion."It is green fierce to still keep caring this time war.
"Elder generation, you two partieses are thus strong, although the younger generation has a skill, difficult enemy high level monk."
"The small friend didn't need to be worried, since is a fight for group, two already become agreement, this time war is divided into 3."Green fierce explanation way.
"?3?"Interrogativelying looking at thou sky is green fierce.
"The gold Dan expects, dollar the baby expect to still have a diverted period, 3 fight to divide victory or defeat, I the chain machine believe in although have no Mi method, the method machine works properly a treasure to have plenty of, fighting strength unlike Dan Wang Zong Ruo, much less have a Xing house of support."
Nod thou sky, since is such to the war, he then has several cents to hold, no wonder that green fierce thus think greatly of oneself.
Thou sky at on auditing two elder generations to discuss a warfare, also to the present situation have mostly of understand.
As for Zhao You Lan has already been taken by the fire sun at the moment is returning to woman without pubic hair boundary nearby.
"Green elder brother, the Xuan Yuan Tuo came."
"Thus and very good, we greet quickly, this old ghost temper is especially obstinate, the self-reliance person's emperor's blood, can not neglect."
Under Xuan iron mountain range Cape, an old man of Huang Pao Jia's body, flank a male a female the station standing erect is in the both sides.
"Ha ha, elder brother's a long distance of Xuan Yuan is rushed through and receive a week not, please an adytum rest."It is green fierce to arrive to with ancient sky of sky in Xing.
"Match a body initial stage, the green elder brother really admires for contemporary being fierce, already advanced matching a body initial stage, at descending."The Xuan Yuan Tuo conjectured green fierce for a while, nevertheless say on the mouth, but the vehemence on the contrary upsurges more, Huang Pao on the together golden color thou dragon is just like the living creature.
The fire trace of chapter 34 stone
"The elder brother of Xuan Yuan is really like the sun at high noon."The sky in Xing returned a , don't show as well weak, way tunic calm auto, press Wei to separate with surroundings, two are all ncients tradition household, all have a Mi method alongside body, and then is all diverted to expect strong, the real strenght is equal.
The green fierce whole body ray of light is one Shan, then safe and sound, after all match a body to expect monk, although there is no ancient Mi method, somehow is also one the parties protect a method.
Feel suspicious and belong to a thou sky most , thou exhalation dragon's Long Xi, as if ten thousand Zhang the huge mountain press a body.
Isn't that the Xuan Yuan Tuo is intentionally difficult thou sky, the Xuan Yuan Tuo sees 3 people step unreal since then and think all to is a rank monk together, didn't cautiously fish for.
The sky in Xing wreathed in smiles looking at a thou with green fierce look in the eyes sky.
Knowing these thou sky is two, affirmation is have intention to observe him, don't speak an explanation.After all want to cooperate with them, it is nothing doing to don't express a little real strenght.
The thou sky hangs up gold Dan, platinum black water the dichromatic battle armor present in the outside, actually then is yin and yang two spirit formation of A, falsely the truth or falsity is solid, an on every occasion of over there, station's the spirit field of an invisible golden color thou the Wei of the dragon press to isolate in the outside.
Two old foxes are satisfied with of order.
"Ha ha, the elder brother of Xuan Yuan, you a diverted period why does the elder generation humiliate a younger generation?"The sky in Xing says with smile.
"You are this old man, don't want Ru I, I humiliate who??????."Words haven't finished saying, drive flank green puckery youth arrestment way.
"Too grandpa, he is a gold Dan to expect monk."Youth the voice of the promise promise, with his sun the outward appearance just is inharmonious.
"What?Is really a gold Dan to expect!"The Xuan Yuan Tuo hopes to thou sky, after fishing for surprised track.
"Ha ha, small brothers, the old man doesn't know that you are a gold Dan to expect, give offense to of the place forgive, don't know that the small brothers teacher accepts which, unexpectedly the ability unreal flies, does also like this ability resist my Long Qi of Xuan Yuan,"Xuan Yuan Tuo thinks thou sky is which doesn't be born of noble family Gao Tu, the attitude is very polite.
"Pay a courtesy call on the elder generation of Xuan Yuan, the younger generation calls thou sky, before going out, teacher in the house instructs to outward reveal a very small amount, the elder generation forgives."Freely say thou sky.
" Is an ancient group?The old man comprehends that come, I give you the introduction for a while, this is me the Xuan Yuan emperor grandson Xuan in house Yuan if morning, the is me of close granddaughter Xuan Yuan if Tong."The Xuan Yuan Tuo particularly points to Xuan Yuan if Tong, have a month old of be like.
"The elder brother of the thou good."Xuan Yuan if the Tong hands embrace a boxing, the heroic bearing spreads great, match with a head of jet black and short hair, Gao stand of bridge, noodles of woman of great capability permits.
If Xuan Yuan morning height and thou the sky is general, sword eyebrow deep Mou, the spirit of a Royal, but show unintentionally one silk green puckery, the noodles permits with thou the sky unexpectedly have three cent likeness.
At the moment, green fierce with sky in Xing already the in the mind cachinnation isn't only, this thou lying in the sky is really a plait to freely come, Xuan Yuan Tuo that guy start to climb more close.
"If Tong, the age of your 3 people is look like, have a chat well."The Xuan Yuan Tuo greatly has a saying of deep idea.
If Xuan Yuan the Tong directly takes no cognizance her grandpa.
"The elder brother of Xuan Yuan, we go to an adytum talks and give them some space."The sky in Xing smilingly says.
"Like, Xing elder brother say pole BE, your 2 people follows thou sky, the small friend bothers you to take me these two grandsons well amendment turn, they went out for the first time."Finish saying 3 people and then leave.
Thou sky one Leng, speak of to him to arrive at here have never liked as well.
"Thou elder brother not too would like to?"Xuan Yuan if the Tong sees ancient sky of of facial expression, saying of overbearing pride.
"Misunderstand, misunderstanding, in fact thou some arrive at here have never cautiously once turned as well."Embarrassedly say thou sky.
"So that's why,, that we are turning and chatting, thou the elder brother speak present geography situation for us."
Order thou sky, walks while saying, it is a Xuan Yuan to arrive if the morning has been hasing no speech, good some be shy with strangers.
3 people imperceptibly walk to square in, square inside 3322 monks be each other learning by exchanging views.
The huge sword still towers aloft at the altar of the center on, a gifted Hun however breathing show unintentionally in the outside.
Square on of monk, all wear black way tunic, back prints a three feet two ear the green Ding is the symbol that the chain machine believes in Zong Men.
"The very heavy sword annoys!"The Xuan Yuan hasn't been talking if the morning stares at huge sword to say.
"This sword is a natural formation, but fill the air the Tao sword spirit in the sky."Xuan Yuan if the Tong also echoes a way.
Interrogatively looking at 2 people thou sky, he didn't feel the slightest the sword annoying.
"My house of Xuan Yuan is majoring in sword Jue, to the sword felling of the world abnormality, this huge sword sword annoys sharp, also what to calculate is an absolute being soldier."Xuan Yuan if the morning feels deeply about of say.
The monk of square is seeing unfamiliar 3 people, stop in succession, the one among those bits baby expects monk and heads for to come, the this person facial expression is pure white, the bearing has manner, a handsome face, but without several cents the sun is just.
"At under the chain machine believe in a little dollar of sea baby initial stage, 2 BE?"
Listen to a form of address just understand thou sky, originally this two brother and sister is a dollar baby to expect monk.He only the gold Dan expect to respond the other party to fix for, can mostly feel to fix for taller than him.
The sea is little to directly take no cognizance a thou of sky, let thou the sky is just a little a bit upset, but didn't say more what, on the contrary retreat an one step.
After understanding the other party is the noble family of Xuan Yuan, the sea is little to is more attentive, speaks contentedly.
"This BE?"Sea little direction thou sky, seem is just discover thou sky.
"This is the thou elder brother, we just acquainted with."Xuan Yuan if the Tong explains a way.Connect bead in the sea little witty remark under, if Xuan Yuan Tong also a change the overbearing pride in the past days.
"The dress that sees you, Be different from I believe in inside of person."The sea big little facial expression has no color, double eye but have one the silk the idea of threat.
Wear whole body black light type battle armor thou sky, because this kind of is dressed in easy to he steps to tread for a month, contrary way tunic but a bit tedious.
"At under several days ago front to go to with expensive believe in, looked for asylum."
"Only the gold Dan expects monk and dare to also claim to be in front of me at under, you soon leave, here need not you."The words of threat spread a sound since then.
The sea little surface has no speech, but secretly spreads sound threat thou sky.
If Xuan Yuan the morning has been hasing no speech, at the moment twisted a head to see an eye thou sky, good can hear spread a sound general.
Thou once two ears in the sky shut and remain a station beside.
The sea is seldom seen thou sky a facial expression that pretends ignorance Chong Leng, hid in the hand in the Xiu to hold to hold, smile a speech way:"Is two, take your visit to believe in all of a sudden for the elder brother inside other places, how?"
Xuan elder sister Yuan's both the younger brotherses ordered to nod.
"Thou elder brother, we believe in inside of the chain regard highly ground, there whole year round flame not interest, with thou fixing of elder brother for afraid of meeting in danger."
Thou sky doesn't know the intention of this time words, hear be going to the chain regarding highly ground and rising one interest in the silk:"At under have a difference the treasure protect a body, be can self-preservation, early hear a chain machine to believe in to be known for the chain machine, lucky personally witness today, be really three living lucky."
Sea little one Leng, he has never seen thus and doesn't know somehow of Tu.
"The sea elder brother need not worry about elder brother of thou, the thou elder brother is the high Tu of concealment group, with the period of gold Dan fix for dare alone make a living away from home in the outside, it is thus clear that necessarily have been already relied on."Xuan Yuan if the Tong sweetly says with smile, the smiling face is a bit not smooth, seem have never how once smiled.
The sea is little a surprised, is the house of Xuan Yuan already an ancient noble family, there is unexpectedly also more hidden noble family group?Is unclearly a bit interrogative, but also not is well again refuse.
3 people follow behind sea to littlely lead, after arriving at mountain range the place of mountain, an underground passage.
The passage goes directly to underneath deep place and deeply disappears bottom.
Fly all the way, the breathing of the deep place steaming hot rushes toward noodles since then, a drop of sweat from Bo neck slide.
The sea is little astonished of looking at a thou sky:"See to this boy really and have some not and generally."
The jet black passage is standing apart a bright, arrive at a rock hole, the rock of red fire, process often the heat in year seem to be radiant and extremely keen.
A pond falls in the center, 3 people walk into a to see, steaming hot of the magma slowly spew out.
"The fire of center of earth, no wonder that the chain machine believes in to be known for the chain machine and unexpectedly burns artifacts by this fire Ya."Xuan Yuan if the Tong clicks the tongue in curiosity.
"Not Kui is ancient Xuan Yuan house, unexpectedly a see an origin, this magma really from the fire of center of earth and become, however be not the fire of real center of earth, Zhang door in my house once tried sneak in deep place of magma look for, thorough underground ten thousand Zhangses also have no diagram but return."
"The fire of rumours center of earth is the fire of stone, three one of the flavorses is to fix the absolute being fire that the true middleman longs for day and night and have never thought unexpectedly in the expensive religion."
"Ha ha, this at fix true boundary also not is what Mi Xin, a Chinese family name, usually have some from hold a power profound person, come one investigation unexpectedly, but all have no diagram but return.It is two to be born for the first time, don't know naturally."
The manufacturing process of machine that the sea was little and in person to demonstrate a method, makes the brother and sister of Xuan Yuan clap hands to call strange,
Stand by the side of the magma pond thou sky, hands lightly on getting, a regiment magma holds in hand.
The heat of the center of palm steaming hot, make eyebrows in the thou sky a wrinkly, quickly throw magma pond once in.
"How is the ancient elder brother also interested in the fire of stone?"Xuan Yuan if the Tong twists a head and curiously see toward thou sky.
"Three flavor absolute being the fire is world absolute being fire, put~to death demon Fen creation, think necessarily as to it's do the world monks all unavoidably don't show interest."Thou celestial spirits color equanimity, many colors inside the body's working properly a liquid to flow is turned to Zhang in, slowly repair scar, the heat for an instant unexpectedly burns his palm, it is thus clear that no trivial matter.
"That thou elder brother dare a try a depth."Xuan Yuan if the Tong looking at the palm in thou sky and wants to see one silk clues.
Stretch out a palm thou sky, peep out that to burn Ba, embarrassed on smiling, again take back.
Then burn Ba to slowly shed off after palm is re- taken back, the all these only has naturally a thou sky clear.
"Is each, at under just received a teacher summons, life we can immediately go to square and negotiate this time to the wars."The sea is little to walk to come forward, to Xuan Yuan if the Tong says.
"Since it is so, that let's hurriedly return ."
Several people all prepare to start and only have Xuan Yuan if the morning still stands over there.
"If morning walk quickly!"Xuan Yuan if Tong orotund scathing way.
"Elder sister, I want to take the fire of stone."The Xuan Yuan at the moment if morning, the heroic spirit forces hair, although the voice still has some childish.
"Commit tomfoolery, with your real strenght still not enough with go deep into magma inside."
If Xuan Yuan the morning hopes Xuan Yuan if the expression of eyes of Tong, the cowardice before unexpectedly having no.
"The elder brother of Xuan Yuan, I the chain machine believe in the fire of stone, is having ability get it, treat you to have real strenght in the days to come, come to take at any time, now afraid of some dangerous."The sea is little to beside beat a circle of field.
If Xuan Yuan the morning listens to sea little to say so and orders, the head doesn't return to walk to the passage as well.
Thou sky don't understand of see toward the Xuan Yuan if morning, the generation ancient Xuan Yuan posterity, also the fire of so anxious demand stone?
Square on, filled with monk, the foot contained 1000 people, whole expect monk for gold Dan, build a radicle to expect to spread all over square outer circle more, the first step presumably has 100,000 of many.
4 people arrive at square and directly fly toward the place of altar thou sky.
"Teacher, uncle Shi, the Tu son arrives late and asks teacher to punish."
"Time is just right, does He Fa only have?Get up quickly, underneath so many people, don't lose dignity."Person of Zhi bitterness the Yan Yue say.
The sea little teacher is unexpectedly a Zhi bitterness last person!
Good repute of Zhi bitterness to thou sky, see ancient sky of completely don't take to manage him, embarrassed on smiling, spread a sound way:"Small friend, since is an old man in advance be wrong, but old man somehow also is a diverted period the elder generation , in front of world monk, don't make the old man in a spot."
"Pay a courtesy call on Zhi bitterness elder generation."The orotund Hong is bright, resound through square thou sky.
Set next the monk don't know is what is the row, all together track:
"Pay a courtesy call on Zhi bitterness elder generation."
Person of Zhi bitterness when once was subjected to this kind of treatment, looking at a thou sky greatly have a deep idea of order.
"Teacher, this boy is satirizing your old soldier, myriad people toward doing obeisance is the honor that matches body monk to just have."The sea is little to spread a sound of way.
Person of Zhi bitterness suddenly realize, the facial expression is green and red to hand over to add, but didn't also go into action.
The sky on, Xuan Yuan Tuo, sky in Xing, green fierce step empty since then.
Chapter 35 eastern cloud
Green fierce 3 people fall into altar, a bit strange of hope around ten thousand monks of square outer circle.
Don't wait green fierce openings, the Zhi bitterness comes forward an explanation way:"Dan Wang Zong breaks the word to leave righteousness and kills to spread to fix indiscriminately, they hear me to believe in to prepare for Dan Wang Zong today and come to help me to believe in a helping hand."
"The Dan Wang Zong's disciple mostly take place for bloody and mixed person, not liking managing, this kind of situation sooner or later willing."
It is green fierce to fly toward square.
"Everybody monk, you have me the chain machine to believe in disciple, have of is spreading to fix of private, but" voice just a little.
"All of us are a Xuan Wu Jie's person, our body is upper-class the blood of Xuan force, at present we Xuan Wu Jie Chu insolently ambitious Tu, massacre together person, bloody again exaggerate our Xuan of Wu Jie.Today since our general name for Xuan Wu Meng, with Xuan martial Wei, banish Dan Wang Zong."
"With Xuan martial Wei, banish Dan Wang Zong."Together the around ten thousand monks voice shouts.
Fix a way to as well there is feeling, their close relatives suffer the baptism of war from the ancestral temple, the wife ion spreads home in ruins.
"This time war with martial Xuan there are total of three warfares, the first gold Dan expects, the second dollar baby expects, the third diverted expect, the life and death is one war, Yang I the Xuan Wu Meng's Wei."
"My Zhang Tian Jin Dan initial stage, wish to join the Xuan Wu Meng's life and death one war."Square outer circle, a fame stereo set rises and flies into square inside.
The outer circle continuously pregnant shadow flies toward square, the foot contains many 1000 people.
Don't lack some build a radicle to expect monk, also eager for action.
"This time war we are to take general situation as to weigh, everyone's building radicle monk is martial Xuan root, should stay in the mountain range and guard gate to a monastery."
"Dan Wang Zong Jin Dan expects monk to have the Xuan soldier's hall to get generally, is it who to dare to ask the elder generation one of our captain?"
Was green fierce to beat ha ha, twist head together black figure in altar the center.
Touched touch head thou sky, helplessly fly a body to arrive at green fierce flank.
At green fierce talk of, the sky in Xing has already told a thou sky, is led the monk of gold Dan by him and carries on the first combat.
"Thou sky, come down hand over to you, this can all is me Xuan Wu Meng is crack, this war hopes that your ensign opens to win, and you speak severals with everybody person of same belief."
"Sky in the next thou, green elder generation this time let at under serve as big captain, at under is not modest either.Hope we can make concerted effort, will this the first war tee off a martial alliance of Xuan of vehemence."
The set next 3,000 officers and menses hope unreal but sign ancient sky ofly, shocking not already.To know that the gold Dan wishes unreal but signs to mean the real strenght thou sky should have much strong?
"Pay a courtesy call on ancient captain."3,000 officers and mens together and together pay a courtesy call on.
Is cool on smiling thou sky, say:"Although in order to fix the person of way, we also also have wife and children, there are close relatives, there is friend, in this ruthlessness world, we fix the target of way has take place change, we drive bloody, kill, power confuse, visionary long trip to livinging, have already left us to gradually and far go, we are only a way, just can find back the true meaning that we fix a way."
Under the set of 3,000 monks, around ten thousand monks of square outer circle, all quietly hope Gao to get empty ancient sky ofly at the moment.
Altar on, measure the sky in the Xing of affair at the company Xuan Yuan Tuo, also stopped a speech, curiously see toward thou sky.
The brother and sister of Xuan Yuan and sea is little, all monks quietly wait for a thou sky.
The left hand clenches fist thou sky, hammer to the chest, black of the light type battle armor send out a silk Weng blares of voice.
"We are unique can make of be with kill kill, return world peace."
The sky that is quietness, connect breeze son to seem be also frightenned by the this time speech.
Thou sky the first time is around ten thousand monk in fronts, speak such words.
With kill kill, bloody as deicide of words, shock everybody of mind deep place.
"With kill kill, return me peace."Around ten thousand monks together and together shout, the murderous look is blunt sky of.
"The ancient small friend is some kind of words, another Xuan Wu Meng's morale greatly flaps, and the old man admires."Looking at a set bottom the will to fight rise the monk of Yang, green fierce to thous sky some kind of in different lights.
"Is each, treat a meeting I chain machine's believing in will issue everybody a set of method machine.We put carouse and prepared to wish everyone's ensign to open to win tonight."Is green fierce to finish saying, easy to arrive at altar thou sky the center.
Person of Zhi bitterness astonished of see one eye thou sky, issue a method machine in square.
"Thou sky, are some kind of words your true viewpoint today?"The sky in Xing spreads a sound way.
"The younger generation just wants, didn't°yet that real strenght!"
The meaning that listen to an ancient sky of words in the sky in Xing, then no longer speech.
"Is the deicide rising?Is it a disaster to is blessing?"
"The elder brother of the Xing, don't in addition to suffering from after, so as not to in the days to come??????"The Xuan Yuan Tuo spreads a sound to ask a way.
"Can not, this time a war is the war capability that can not get more thou sky, although its thought some be partial to arouse, he didn't°yet this real strenght.This everything says again behind, with my ancient noble family real strenght, in addition to a gold Dan expected to have some surplus,
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Xuan Yuan the Tuo and sky in Xing unexpectedly have already put out to kill a thou an idea of sky, the ancient noble family absolutely disallows "with kill kill" affair occurrence like this,
Cheap New Era Hats, even if the method is to correctly don't go as well.
Don't know that his words have much impact to the other people naturally thou sky.
If Xuan Yuan the morning looking at a thou sky, the double eye puts only and just wanted to come forward, but drive Xuan Yuan if the Tong Ye lived.Looking at Xuan Yuan if Tong icy look in the eyes, if Xuan Yuan the morning smiled to smile.
"Elder sister, I think that the ancient eldest brother says of to, come forward to chat how many, you pull me stem what?"
"The darling stays here, this person kill an idea such of big, can not with of friendly intercourse."
Thou sky can not tell one silk clues?
Is public the small variety, regrettable this world, to connect a persons who comprehends him to all have no to his attitude?
Setting sun west bottom, the person of Zhi bitterness arrives at body in the thou sky side, take out a set of tool.
"Thou captain, this is the battle armor of water attribute, soft can just be named black water A, green wood belt, the gold Xue of soil attribute, gold fire attribute of out of the blue knife, this was four is all a method machine, was my chain machine to believe in a town to believe in four treasures."
Once connected four method machines thou sky, way the voice thank.
The person of Zhi bitterness doesn't think as well with talk more thou skies, seeing it didn't talk and had already then left.
Thou sky originally black battle armor of body thin become an underwear, thin thin like silk, is exactly go to the spirit of Yin turn, put on black water A, tie up green wood belt between each waist, the feet trample gold Xue and hold out of the blue knife.
Quietly feel four kinds of extraordinary effects of method machines.
Four take concerted action method machine, unexpectedly have increase to fix for of effect, at the moment thou sky of fix is really too subtle to be described for middle for unexpectedly having gold Dan peak.
Thou the sky head for in the square, 3,000 officers and mens are trying a new method machine, with thou sky get of have no dissimilarity.
"The captain arrives."A monk sees ancient sky of and quickly shouts a way.
3,000 officers and mens together and together turn head, together the voice shouts a way:"Take part in ancient captain."
"Like, thus dignity troops, this time we necessarily win, however the war hasn't started, everyone need not tie down by conventions thus."The point nods, originally was worried that the person miscellaneous soldier is wide, there is no discipline, saw to him worrying to is superfluous now thou sky.
At this time, the sky is floated 12 wine altars, each altar contains thousand catties of weights, the heavy wine joss-stick in a twinkling fills the air in the square on.
A monk touched touch lips and saw toward the surroundings.
"Everyone heartily drinks, don't tie down by conventions thus."
The initiative opens a wine altar thou sky, the left hand holds tight altar bottom, the legs horse treads a firm, raise up to thousand wine altars, go toward pour in mouth.
Irritable liquid, drenching the face in thou sky, feel hot hot breathing inside the body, cachinnation way:"Ha ha, good wine, everyone drinks."
"Captain good artistic skill, unexpectedly all of ability with the energy, the list hand raise up to thousand wine altars, is the elder generation that a dollar baby expects to without resort to power can not do either."
Before a monk heads for, multiplied by 1 bowl with the container, faced upward to infuse into a belly.3,000 officers and mens also all take out container in succession and face upward to drink.
Thou first time in the sky drinks, the burning of appetite is hot to make him very happy.Thou sky of with kill kill of the road probably will make him standing alone and go and only take wine as a total degree of friend remaining years, is also a quite good choice.
A middle age monk released to drink a few bowls and quarreled noisily to have wine to have no meat, life regretful face!
Another monk sneered at severals and resisted to take off sword and flew toward mountain range outer circle, not and in a short while, carried on the shoulder two black hair mountain pigs to fly back.
Out of the blue knife quickly the dance move, skin slide.
"Here 3,000 officers and mens, a head of how enough to eat, we go to and beat some finds again."One threatens, 100 monks rush at outer circle.
Out of the blue the gold fire attribute knife does a support and roasts a mountain pig, the meat joss-stick floats to spread in the square.
For count not much of ten females fix and take off battle armor, the dance rises colourful silk, as if air spirit.
"Captain, I respect you one cup."
Once connected cup thou sky, quaffed in one gulped.
"The captain lends an one step to talk and has some noise here."
Some demons being this person and handsome are different, don't see through, will make people think is a female to fix.
2 people arrive at a square edge, thou sky interrogative way:"Does you occupy to please to say?"
"At under named eastern cloud, is 1 to spread to fix and occupy with captain to negotiate, the captain can know Dan Wang Zong Xuan soldier hall background?"
"I know the Xuan soldier's hall is respectively, the Dan Wang Zong's recent years recruits of pupil, all be a veteran warrior of person."
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