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TOPIC: Two boundaries partition

http://youth-baseball-bats-who​ Two boundaries partition 12 months ago #2450

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The whole body is naked, lines flowing freely, take a huge hammer, the war absolute being of the facial features flatness a step out.Ji often the month look in the eyes greatly change, the fieriness drinks a way.
Meanwhile, the huge hammer in"war absolute being" hand brandishes and has already arrived that of his in the greatly clear treasure mirror,!
The Mao is!
Being like a huge wood to bump a big clock of the view sun that the shot hangs is general, huge hammer and treasure mirror bump the voice of shot and sent out an earthquake huge for sky ring, whole Kun dollar the temple all seemed to tremble a to tremble.
The Mao Ca Mao Ca!
Light Shuo Shuo the greatly clear treasure mirror be hit all of a sudden by this and up appeared numerous fracture with general spider's nets, fracture and in the continuous extension.
"Is not good,
Cheap New Era Hats!Two boundaries partition!"
Ji often month when the huge hammer pounds a treasure mirror, abrupt however of, the handle knob is one Yang, immediately whole Kun dollar temple outside, is all mentally dense ones, basically could not see any scenery.
Scene like this,
discount new era hats from china, seem the whole Kun dollar the temple escaped from big thousand worldses a while, be pulled the contact of breaking big thousand worlds similar.
This is aer kind of than unreal dreamland more brilliant exquisite doctrine!Now this a moment, the Kun dollar temple almost became independence of small thousand worlds, similar to the world in the universe calico sack!
If have at the Kun dollar there are the words of eunuch outside the temple, will discover so now, the whole Kun dollar temple, obscurely disappeared now, have no of action, also didn't leave behind any thing, seem have never existed a Kun dollar in the world temple is similar.
However at this time, temple in the temple outside of the eunuches was all strictly forbidden to once order, regardless Kun dollar the temple take place what affair, all regard as don't hear, don't see.
Ji often the month is this skill"two boundaries partition",, the contact that temporarily cut off a Kun dollar temple and the whole big thousand worldses, not a falsely unreal view.Because he knows, the war absolute being is a , the huge action may disturb the whole emperor's city very much, at that time, the affair made big.
And display unreal environment, be shaken to break very easily, the dollar imperial concubine also probably escapes at the same time, but this skill two boundaries partition now, the dollar imperial concubine escaped to all have no place to escape,,!
Be like at the person in the universe calico sack, how break natural cover,, escape?
Certainly, now of this two boundaries partition,
new era style hats, just partition just,, isn't a creation small thousand worldses in the reality, there is far and far no the universe calico sack of ingenious,, but want to escape by the dollar imperial concubine's doctrine, but that be difficulties.
The line, this fragrant fox Wang Da return to prototype, the plan is such, and the direct Zhao dollar imperial concubine comes over, then silently completes this affair with the greatly clear treasure mirror system.
The action makes too greatly, there is no some advantage.
"Greatly clear treasure mirror, Jian Lang dollar absolute being!Make but ten thousand evil, seal mountain Zhao river!"After displaying the Shu of two boundary partitions, Ji often month this just and together believes in a lord, the form dollar is male
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