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Authentic Lancel robbing the woman is incorrect
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TOPIC: Authentic Lancel robbing the woman is incorrect

Authentic Lancel robbing the woman is incorrect 12 months ago #2255

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, Can't that your meeting continue to allow them to rob a woman?"Wang Ying suddenly thinks of what, ask a way.
"Kid sister ah,, they mostly marry not ascend the wife's man, have of present all 40 quite a fews, does the eldest brother take how they do?Probably from now on,
Authentic Lancel, the eldest brother goes together with a wife for everyone of them, alas."
"Have no a wife and then should rob a woman?"Wang Ying in anger asks.
"All of them are mountains thief, do you make them don't rob, how may!Want to be not,
Cheap New Era Hats, rushed through the mountain to some people and go?But they robbed half generation son and descended mountain depend what skill to make a living?
Probably, in the future one day, the eldest brother makes them rob enough and all after becoming the rich, again advise them the mountain return to decent life.
In fine, robbing the woman is incorrect!"
"Eldest brother kind thoughts don't Min,
discount new era hats from china, the kid sister respects and admires."The plateau smells this, is again an in distress situation facial expression.
Equipments of ancient times fishing boat well-found, pot bowl Piao basin what all enough, the between deck also places a Peng and bed, so have a meal a rest very is convenience.
March forward a degree not to produce a too big margin for the sake of two ships, the plateau has already made people divide equally a wine altar, respectively place in two ships.Is high bright to work well after meal, two ships then stop to pull in to shore a side, a public dining.Boat ship on the like daily life at home, the atmosphere is very warm and fragrant.
Several dynasty sun beginnings rise of morning, feeling the creation is just born generally new spirit of Rui;A few setting sun evenings, take a distant view lake the social intercourse remember fondly close relatives for sky and ever of friendship;The noon of hot sun, annoy in water of moist clearness in,, the Mi eye is drowsy;The midnight is the bright moon in the sky, in ten thousand depend on to accompany Ji of, flap wings to rise with the gull bird that the song larynx disturbs a near the bank grass cluster.
The life is like to write an article, much more several hard-pressed and misery be as well insolent and exultant.
When the dynasty sun jumps a horizon, the plateau and Wang Ying shoulder to shoulder is sat to ship to carry, see near the bank of a big slice of bulky reed Sui, spread an of in breeze and first sun rays in the morning in morning white Xu.Such ray, such artistic conception, 2 people all without previous arrangement the geologic change get quiet, become Xia to think to float in the sky.
"The Jian Jia Cang Cang,
cheap mlb snapbacks hats shop, white the dew is frost,, so-called depend on person, in water a square!"This also became naturally plain to the youth men and women's Qian shadow this thou but artistic conception You a part within far picture.
Three days and two nights of aquatic itinerary silently ended in the poetry and the painting idea.
Third sky noon, plateau 1 line ascends shore in the pure river county wharf.
Plateau's leaving two Shaos is more male than wharf to guard Hou, from already 4 people then once wore city gate and got into a pure river county city,
Lancel Purse,
Wharf town, the ground is placed in a name mansion south noodles,, leave name mansion about the first a night of distance.Because the here strategic meaning isn't big, add
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