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Wholesale New Era Hats total felling qualities
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TOPIC: Wholesale New Era Hats total felling qualities

Wholesale New Era Hats total felling qualities 11 months, 4 weeks ago #2182

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For this white feather of this can be regarded as win file of.
Get off, the Wu Xue Qiong active Wan had the hand of white feather.For the formal situation action like this like this is also no serious mistakes committed, so white feather can generously accept.
The white feather didn't get any formal invitation of dancing party, but he remains still don't be obstructed and then gone in by anyone.The reason is easy:The servant of doorway obviously knows Wu Xue Qiong, certainly this is her cousin's house!Also have no very strange of, and Wu Xue Qiong by herself also didn't take out any formal invitation to take white feather to go in.
Lin Shuang's in home the cultured hall be shone in glory by a crystal with huge elegant pendant lamp the lights is bright, Gao Da Dun's Qiong crest and circular hall of the wall up and up and down hang on all sides of purple red decorous purdah, about ten thousand roses and tulip decorate the whole hall the Cha is purple how red,,
Wholesale New Era Hats.
A rightness of middle ages husband and wife receive their guest one by one in the hall.The dress of the south very solemn black swallow-tailed coat, slightly have the hair of hair white to comb very neat, the small crease explained that the life that he enriches experiences wise and farsighted eyes on the full forehead in implicit sharp, no matter what angle it is, saw to him should be a man with cultured success.From his wife the smiling face on the face seem then to the person with the good and wise and kindly felling.This should be Lin Shuang's parents, 1 rightness has a liking for to go to very a sort to go together with,
cheap mlb hats from china, happy middle age husband and wife.However oddness of is today's leading role-Lin Shuang Ren,
discount new era cap?
"Uncle, aunt,,
new era,"Wu Xue Qiong pulls white feather to arrive at Lin Shuang's parents front.
"Snow Qiong also came, your cousin is in the upstairs, don't go up to seek her?"Lin Shuang's mother passionately once pulled Wu Xue Qiong to say.
"Good, the cousin must is very beautiful today.To this is the white feather,
Lancel Outlet Shop, this is my uncle, aunt."Wu Xue Qiong once pulled white feather to introduce.
"Uncle, aunt good."The white feather courtesy ground says "hello",
"How are you,, you are snow Qiong of ……" Lin Shuang's mother starts from head to foot conjecturing white feather, total felling qualities, be dressed in, the outlooking is all quite good.
"We are classmates."The white feather compete first answers that otherwise who know what Wu Xue Qiong will say?Have no necessity to make what misunderstand.The air seen express to just a little disappoint in Wu Xue Qiong's face, her aunt immediately ascertained intent through word and expres ground to pull after telling the Qian her to go upstairs to seek her cousin to go.The white feather also has no what can chat with Lin Shuang's father of, straight-tempered pick up a cup wine to go away.
Be like dancing party like this to invite of most likely is the famous personage of Shanghai,, the person white feather like this recognizes
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